1. Understanding Consciousness

One cannot explain consciousness, awakening, or being enlightened, with language. Words cannot describe something that is invisible, un-measurable, and can only be experienced when all thoughts have ceased. The words enlightenment, consciousness, awakening, eternity, infinity and God, conjure up radically different images in the minds of all humans. There are 6.9 billion perceptions of ‘God.’ The understood meanings of all these words are probably not even close to the reality of what these words actually point to. In a state of consciousness, all fear, anger, pain, and negativity disappear in the silence and stillness of ‘presence,’ (being here now) and all time stops. God is! This divine force is in everything, everywhere present, and for eighty or ninety years, animates our physical bodies. In this state, there is no regret from the past, and no anticipation about the future. In fact, there is no past or future in the pure experience of NOW. In this state, every person, object, and everything in existence becomes vibrantly and exquisitely beautiful. The experience of time stops, and the source of joy and bliss can be overwhelming. When one first experiences this state of being, (even for 2 or 3 seconds) nothing in life will ever be as important as this divine, unspeakable journey of awakening and simply, BEING.
Take great care, however, to not allow the ego’s participation in the creation of a NEW story, based on this awesome experience. The danger here is that the egoic mind will glorify the body, again, with a new plan to use this new experience of consciousness in some way for personal (ego) gratification. Consciousness can not be thought about, categorized, practiced, worked on, and, at the same time, experienced.
Consciousness is the always silent, eternal, observing invisible force that resides in the body that has no gender, eyes, ears, nose, tongue or fingers. It is the essence of you as a conscious invisible force, observing consciousness. It has no emotions and no thoughts. It is a frightening concept, No Thing….Yet it is the sacred formless spirit self that is who we are. It is connected to the entire universe.
The body will disintegrate. You, the ever-present observer of consciousness, are one with Divine source, and will always be in the eternal now, in some form, dimension, or ‘heaven.’…….The body you are wearing is a physical Child of God, in fact, it is the ‘Holy Temple.’ It is your earthly ‘tent.’  Wear it well and care for it, but realize it is perishing, The real YOU…..will never perish!