10. The Power of the Law of Attraction

For the past several weeks, the Law of Attraction has been at work in this soul’s life. What is this law? As surely as there is a Law of gravity, there is a phenomenon at play in Divine Intelligence that creates a balance in all negative and positive events. If one is lost and wallowing in fear, worrying about the future, and focused on scarcity, that is precisely what will be produced. What we think about and focus on is what we will create.

After attaining financial abundance by age 46, the last 15 years have been a season of always spending more than was earned. Thoughts of old age and death, and worries of becoming homeless and destitute were picking up with fervor in the past year or two.

As a small child, dreams of abundance and having financial wealth, possessions, fame, and power were always on my mind,. Dreaming and thinking these thoughts obviously was a catalyst for creating what transpired and caused the manifestation of all that I dreamed.

Six weeks ago, a shift occurred. After months of seeking awakening and a focus on ‘Being Present,’ the balance has shifted.

Everything is radically, moment by moment, changing. New people are miraculously showing up in my life. These are loving, aware, and awakening, or awakened beings. Business deals, listings for Real Estate sales, and every facet of Noble’s life feels like the windows of heaven were opened, and blessings of abundance are flowing in. One hundred and sixty million in listings have flowed into my real estate business. A peace has entered my being that cannot be described. The joy of simply ‘Being’ is washing over, and within Noble, like the waves of the ocean.
The Jaguar that I was attached to for 13 years blew it’s engine on Friday of last week. It appears that the shiny black toy, with fancy chrome wheels, is ready for ‘Last Rights.’ I laughed at the event of oil spilling and smoke belching from the motor, called a tow truck, and said goodbye.

Anything, person, thought or emotion that we are attached to, stops us from experiencing the joy of being present, NOW. Oh, how sweet, the awesome pleasure and joy of BEING! May the peace within you be unlimited!