11. God Wants to Dance

The Jaguar is back! The engine wasn’t blown. The Jaguar mechanic that I have used for year’s, was mistaken. The problem was simply valve gaskets, causing the leaking of oil into the spark plugs.

Today, an amazing revelation took place as I drove my car in Honolulu. Nearly running a red light, stink eye and horn blowing at me, was rampant. I started thinking about, ‘who was driving the pick-up truck,’ when I was 16 years old? My mom would say, “Keep the hood ornament on the outer edge of the road, as a view plain or a guide, while driving. It dawned on me that divine intelligence was driving the truck.

Living in an unreal, made-up world, with no depth perception, it was impossible that the brain and body of Noble could have been driving that old green truck, alone. Yes, intelligent spiritual energy (God) was filling the body and was really driving the truck. Then I asked, “Who is driving the car, now?” The same answer surfaced. God is still driving, even though I live in a three dimensional world, today. The ever present spirit (vibrational energy) is animating the body, and doing everything.

All we need to do is be present, for the dance of life. Divine, Intelligent, God wants to dance, laugh, have fun, and experience joy, with Noble, and with the 6.4 billion souls on the planet earth. Then the mind turned to the concept of time.

When man first came out of the caves and realized that one could contemplate the future, a devastating flaw must have happened over a period of several centuries. The more man (and woman) could harness the passage of time, measure it, create calendars and clocks to track it, the more the ego of man, squeezed out the pure awareness of presence, (Being) Past experience dictated actions in the now, and set the stage for planning for the future. Human beings forgot how to experience the blissful joy of being, by constantly pondering how to manipulate the future. Always reaching to the future for some thing or person to bring happiness, humans became tragically lost in what we call the ego. We, the human race, have been asleep for far too long.

The rooster is crowing, the birds have begun to sing, the beautiful male peacock has raised his magnificent plume, and God is breathing life into our disintegrating bodies. Awaken now, and never fear the physical death of the body. We are each eternally now, where we’ve always been, and always will be. Dropping the body means it’s time to dive deep into the oceans of God. The next step God takes alone! 1/28/2008