14. Bosom of the Divine Lover

Noble passed away in his dream last night.

There was no stark terror, not even fear. The spirit floated to an awesome waterfall with beautiful giant white birds, soaring above the rainbow colored mist.

As the soul flew over the rich green tropical towering mountains, the magnificent sounds of the thundering waterfall and the sights were intoxicating.

Rainbows were appearing everywhere. The physical body laid quiet and still at the base of the falls, without any sign of life, as Noble had gone out exploring.

The body slowly morphed into that of my deceased and beloved father’s image. My wonderful Pap had left his body in 1982. There was no fear of death in this awesome dream, as Noble observed it all with breathless excitement.

How could this all be, since the eyes and ears were still attached to the corpse lying at foot of the waterfall.

As Noble’s soul awakened from deep sleep and dreaming, and realized he had really been out exploring while he was being peacefully rocked in the bosom of the divine lover of the soul.

Upon awakening, what is left of Noble’s tattered and torn ego fought to erase the indescribable beauty of where the soul had gone out to play.
It was obvious that Noble had really been to, and experienced the entire reality of where he had been in the dream. It was more than a dream.
Noble’s soul was there!