17. Message of “A” Christ

The Spirit that is Divine Intelligence, (God) filling the universe with omnipotent, omni-present, and omniscient Glory, must have been Sacred and Holy, long before Jesus came to earth. Christian doctrine would imply that Jesus ‘was with God,’ when the universe was formed. From the book of John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God.” I will never deny that Jesus could have been with God before the creation, because I wasn’t there to witness, or if I was, I don’t remember it.

Our infinite Creator could surely do anything. I will never preach or speak against the concept that Jesus rose from the dead, walked around Jerusalem, and ascended into the heavens, days later. I wasn’t there, and if I was, I don’t remember it.

I will never deny that Jesus was born of a virgin. The Beloved Father, (Creator) could create or cause anything to happen, including a virgin birth, and that should be obvious from the reality of the creation of life, and all that we each witness, in existence.
I must admit, I have come to a place of being rather disillusioned by the teaching of Jesus’s two thousand year old message. The Spirit of God had to be Holy, prior to the birth of Jesus on earth. How could it be otherwise? Jesus knew and actually taught that God, his Father, was within himself. I know that is possible because I know that I and all others are one with God, whether recognized as truth, or not.

They must have killed him, because, in their ignorant state, they confused what he was conveying about the Spirit within himself, as a claim that he was God. He said, “The Kingdom of God is within.” Could it be possible that, The Creator of the universe and the whole Kingdom is also within each of us? Jesus told his disciples, “Greater things than these will you do.” Could it possibly be that all six billion, four hundred million of us, has the possibility (potential) of becoming a Christ? Buddha did! Krishna did, and Muhammad, Yogananda, Muktananda, Ramana Maharshi, and many more. This is not about a “second coming of Jesus,” or of, “Noble being Jesus,” or anyone from Wickwire Creek, or the rest of the world, being a Jesus.

I love the ‘Living Spirit’ of Jesus, the life he led, the Divine truth he shared, and I adore his memory for all that he taught. I was taught in three years of Seminary College that I had to believe and have faith in “every word” of the Holy Bible.  The professors said the, ‘Word” was inerrant and infallible, meaning, incapable of error.

I wonder what Jesus would feel and think, if he were here to see how we have interpreted and possibly distorted his amazing message about peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and humility? His message of who and what God really is, may be being taught wrong by some, in my opinion.

By the grace of the Beloved, I now read and comprehend his, (Jesus’s words) so very differently! I honor  Bible believing Christians and only ask that these words that come to me may have the possibility of truth. Is it possible that we are ALL are sons and daughters of the Living God? The Great I Am………Oh my God, it appears that we are!  NHT