18. Writing Again, After Almost Four Months…

Why did I not write for four months. The answer I do not know as of now. Noble, by name! Real Estate Broker, Father of a son, Ordained Minister, Widower, former Psychiatric Clinic Owner and Director, former multi-millionaire, former male model, brother to two remaining brothers, cousin and uncle to many, with a stark poverty-ridden beginning.

Oh….Labels and titles….The truth is that I inhabit a disintegrating human animal body, fearfully and wonderfully made, indwelled with spirit and powered by God. (Divine Source) The eternal aware consciousness that I am, watches through these eyes, listens with these ears, smells, tastes, and touches, and experiences the dance of life all around me. Always one with that dance, I am never separate from anything or anyone. When I am favored by God’s grace, an unspeakable awareness of my oneness with all that is, makes it feel like I am literally in heaven, and that God is my center. (that I am God) Ouch! That is not current Christian doctrine…..

The sensation of being without boundaries fills, and is, the universe. No one outside me can teach, force, coax, or save me from my own thought patterns, sometimes destined for glory, beyond my wildest dreams, and sometimes diving to the depths of negativity, accompanied by fears of crashing and burning. Only I can choose my destiny, and I believe I will, entirely based on what I think about and focus on. If good is my destiny, it is by Grace that I will experience that. The reality is that we are very much alone in this ever changing life journey. There is nothing to ‘get to,’ or to reach for. There is only now! The ego is a morphing monster that holds on like a blood sucking leach. Every experience that happened in the past is recorded in universal consciousness, and is available to us for immediate downloading into the brain. (from memories’) It is a graveyard of past events, all gone.

However, the remembering of all those past events has very little to do with the reality of what is, right now. I am a flesh and blood human body with an internal spark of God that can effect the creation of what happens in the future. That spark is so big, that it kindles and fills the entire universe. It is only my ignorance, chattering mind, and fear that keep’s me from the glorious experience of being fully present.

Worries and fears about the future are senseless and a waste of precious energy, since the future is entirely in our imaginations. If what we think about is old age, being destitute and broken under a park bench, that is what we will create. If we think about a good, loving, prosperous, and positive outcome, and we act accordingly with kindness, gentleness, compassion, and forgiveness, that is what we will create, fully supported by Divine Intelligence. (called God) When ones intentions are honorable and positive, it appears that much good is returned, powered and supported by the law of attraction, powered by Divine Intelligence. Aware consciousness is who and what we are…….

Today, I have a burning passion for truth! Humanity is at the dawn of awakening to the glorious truth of who we really are. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!