19. The Retread Dream Experience

Returning from Makaha on a Friday afternoon, heading East on H-1, I was cruising at about 65 MPH, being grateful to God for all the good things happening in my life, when a huge Tractor Trailer Truck blew the entire outer part of his tire into the air. On a normal car, this piece of what is called a ‘retread’ would be dangerous, but from a huge truck, it is monstrous in size, and really scary.

The big dark object floated right at my rental car windshield and smashed into the driver’s side windshield, shattering glass shards all over me and my clothing. I was not injured, at all. Had the retread come at a slightly different angle, (through the windshield) I could have been seriously injured or killed.

A new awareness is unfolding of what may exist and what doesn’t. What if what I experienced was a dream, the dream of the universal collective consciousness of humanity. The truck driver who lost his retread was dreaming his dream? I don’t believe he even knew he had lost a chunk of the tire. What if all the nice folks driving east were all dreaming they each were in a body, and actually believed they were having the H-1 experience.
All the form surrounding me, the noise of the cars and trucks, flying by, the motorcycle officer investigating the incident, was all a dream. How could this be? This is a mighty mystery, so well crafted, that the human mind cannot comprehend the majesty, grandeur, and creative powers of The Beloved Creator of all that is.

For centuries we have convinced ourselves the form of man is separate from all else. Nothing is separate in the true experience of the SELF.
We are simply invisible, aware consciousness, observing itself.

There is no in-side or out-side, up or down, back and forth, yada yada, there is only unlimited, boundary-less, aware consciousness which is who we are.

When Noble’s body pulled off the highway with a smashed windshield that Friday, Noble was immediately into such gratitude and praise! My face was still in place. I was still being, ‘breathed by God!’

Divine intelligence is everywhere!