2. Being Here Now!

Being present (entirely here now) with no active thoughts, creates a window that can produce miracles that can never be experienced by the thinking self, with the minds incessant chattering. Signs and wonders become common, and increase in frequency with this unspeakable awakening awareness.

All humans are motivated by inner love, but most of humanity is unaware of this reality. This inner motive exists because God is divine love, and we are all one with the Creator of all that is. “God is Love,” are not just words. They are signposts pointing to a source so big that the soul cannot contain it. The awareness that the soul is it, can, and will, unfold into a sublime dance described by the earlier ‘awakened ones.’

The illusions of individuality, separation, and attachment, are the cause of all suffering. (You, over there, with me, over here) The degree of this visually experienced separateness is an illusion, causing much suffering.

We, (our souls) are the universe, and one with all that is….eternal, and without end. We are sacred co-creators with the living God, when we choose to be. Most of humanity does not experience this fact, yet. We are simply to love, have compassion for, and forgive everyone, all creatures and everything in life, including ourselves, and become aware of our, ‘one-ness’ with all life. The expression, “get a life,” or this is “my life,” are impossible. You can’t “get a life,” you are life. There is no “my life,” separate from life. You are LIFE.

All pain and suffering results from the ego, (false self) not from God.

We are not “at the mercy of the world,” but only at the mercy of what our minds believe. Our mind, (ego, personality) is the deadly enemy.

Live each moment with care, humility, compassion, and kindness, always focused on quieting the chatter of the egoic mind.
In the present, the moment of now, with no identification with the past or future, an awesome awareness of oneness with all that exists, is possible. The experience is indescribable! However, to attempt verbal description, it is as though you have stepped through a veil, into a new dimension, a new world of perception that is so foreign.

While there are no concrete steps to attaining enlightenment, there appear to be certain factors that help in the process. One is a desire to acquire or to know this truth. It is crucial to always act with gentleness, forgiveness, and compassion, toward everything, everyone, and even toward oneself. Finally we must surrender our personal will and desires, in every moment of now. (prepare to shut down the ego) Be the observing consciousness that is one with all life.

The Avatar, (or Son of God) Jesus, said, “He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.” Also, “Fear not for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself” (I believe he meant, let the past and future be entirely gone, in order to be in a state of divine presence…… to constantly be in the Kingdom of God, which is always, now.

As we surrender the self, or die unto the self, we are flooded with the life force of eternal presence. (“Lest ye die and are reborn, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of God”) Eternal life is NOW! It can only be in the NOW!

The entire past is gone, and the future is only imagined.

With the quieting of the false self, there can be love and joy that is unfathomable. Without experiencing this love and joy, we could not possibly tolerate the end of the ego. (A feeling of becoming nothingness is frightening, indeed) It can be a “dark night of the soul.” Saint John of the Cross described this experience.

In this state, we never again need to fear suffering or death. Our souls are eternal. Eternally now! One day we will drop the ‘tent,’ our body, that houses us, and exist on as a living soul, in spirit. Only God knows the next step for this immortal self. Some have referred to what happens as going to heaven or hell, others believe you come back in another form, or body. Some believe in another life in other universes. The divine Creator, only, knows!

Never judge another or any circumstance, in the moment of now. That creates a false separation between you and them, or the circumstance, and delivers unconscious pain, fear, anger and confusion. All humans know each others thoughts and reactions, in the first mili-second of meeting. The energy, whether toxic or positive, is sensed at a deep level.

The mind (ego) immediately plays out its story, through the body, and the frequency of energy is dispersed to all in the area. Identifying with ‘the voice in your head,’ and believing it is you, is entrapping you in psychological time. Life is rapidly passing by.
Everything, including objects, stones, tables, chairs…..Everything is alive and interwoven into the vast divine intelligent energy source we call the universe. (this ever present intelligent divine force….IS God)

Inherited collective mind patterns have kept humans in bondage and suffering for centuries. We are still very primitive as humans.

Every human has the seed of enlightenment within, most simply don’t know it yet. (have not awakened to it).

Being is available to you, now, as your true nature. Don’t try to grasp or understand ‘being-ness’ with your mind. You can only experience it when your mind is completely silenced. Being is felt, (experienced) but never understood by the mind.

Try stopping all thoughts for a few seconds, and wait to see what the next thought will be. That thought is coming from the ego, (stored mind memories) your false self, and/or from the collective consciousness of all mankind. The real you did not ‘think it.’

Almost everyone suffers from identifying with the mind, causing compulsive thinking, (mind chattering) which keeps one from the beauty of inner stillness. This stillness cannot be separated from being. (presence} Enlightenment! Awakening! Consciousness! Being here now!

The philosopher, Descartes, said, “I think, therefore I am.” He was entirely wrong. In fact, the compulsive thinker resides in an insane world of the fragmented mind. In actuality, by, ‘not thinking, I am, or, I am, therefore I think. By not thinking, reality is honored, and consciousness is possible.

Emotional illness exists because people believe that they ARE their personality, or that they believe the stored thoughts of who they have interpreted and believed the self to be. What they are thinking, (their ego) is a dreadful trap.