20. Let God ‘Live’ You

“Don’t Worry, be Happy,” the Minstrel man sang, along with a lil’ whistling, laid back tune. (you can download it right now from the big hard drive in the sky, through and into your computer brain) The more genuine happy we be,’ the more God’s love is blossomin’ in me. Stop trying, grinding, twisting, pushing, shoving, manipulating, and planning what you think should happen. Sit back, take a deep breath, and allow Divine Intelligence, the Beloved, to live through you and to reveal that who you really are is consciousness that expands to the ends of the cosmos……. although there probably is no end to the cosmos. But, since the cosmos is probably an illusion, what’s wrong with an illusion having no end?

When you push and try too hard, the thing you’re trying to have happen eludes you, or moves away. Simply ask, believe, and receive…(thank you Cindy) Can you really have all your hearts desires? Yes, you can! What an unspeakable, shrouded in mystery, grand experiment, this thing called life, is. How much Power and Love ‘The Divine’ exudes and bathes us in. How blessed and fortunate that we all are here to experience this universal phenomenon and Oneness with Source, and experience it in human form, no less. Mankind is stretching and arising slowly from Spiritual slumber that has probably gone on for millions of years. We are here now to witness and participate in a glorious awakening of the planet. We are beyond blessed, lucky, fortunate or what ever concept, for we are the glorious awakening, of consciousness becoming aware of itself.

We could have had our little individual spirit (soul) been born into a cock roach or a mouse, or a tree waving its branches and leaves, or a little puppy dog who would be more present than most of the human adults. It was Grace that allowed us to be in this human form, at this time. Only 6.9 billion of us get to live this awesome reality of now. Be quiet, be still! Quiet the chattering of the mind. Awaken to the glorious truth of who you are. The universe resides within you! You are without boundaries!