2012 Are We Ready? I Believe We Are!

“What one resists, persists,” some wise person said. What we fear or worry about, we are creating, along with the mind of IDI. (Infinite Divine Intelligence) Maybe mind and IDI, (god) is all there is, Did you ever feel like there was only one of you, when you were holding someone you love, with your eyes closed and pleasure filling your being? There is only one divine energy that fills you and the one you love. Could it be, ‘God (IDI) loving itself? A couple of weeks ago, I posted that we are, “billions of times more powerful than we think we are.” I think I made an error. We are trillions and gazillions of times more powerful than we think we are. In fact, it appears that there is no barrier or outside boundary, to the power of the MIND. (a mind that you are) So, about 2012, everyone take a deep breath. Yes, planet X, discovered in 1984, is hurtling through space at two million miles an hour. (coming by our way) Scientist’s all agree that the turbulence created by this HUGE object, will create natural disasters on the earth, Earth Quakes, Tsunami’s, and more. It appears that we humans have become a virus to the intelligent organism, called earth. Maybe the Divine Intelligence that is manifesting Earth, is shaking us off, because of the horrors of greed, religion, war, famine, seeing ourselves as separate. Judgementalism, and unwillingness to seek truth. “Separation and war, made this ‘heaven on earth’ poor. Your God verses my God, we must do this NO MORE.” Here’s what I suggest. Envision a world at peace, where people share, love one another, each with a mind filled with hope, goodness, and peaceful thoughts. As we move closer to 2012, this will do more to turn the tide on the panic level that is building, than buying into, and feeding, ‘the sky is falling,’ concept. It is the collective consciousness of all of us (along with IDI) that is causing ALL that is happening. It’s time for humanity to awaken to the truth of who we are…. I am not afraid of 2012. It will be what the collective consciousness of all of us decide. IDI always provides what we focus on, and what we direct our energies upon. If all seven billion of us were to think powerfully healing and loving thoughts about 2012, imagine what peace could come on the planet. “Dreamer,” you say…. Yes, huge dreams! You can too! Physicality (matter) is a manifestation of mind…. With loving thoughts for you, and the coming days… NHT 3/3/2011