21. A Jungle (Hell) or Heaven…You Choose

Ahhh, yes, you choose, sacred child of God! What you think about, you become. What you focus on, you create. The description shared in the last email from my Patient/client, Mark, who was really my young friend, son, and brother, 35 years ago in a Boston Psychiatric clinic, describes what I think may be true. We can disappear into nothingness, as we become aware of our invisible aware consciousness, that which we really are. Don’t worry and be happy, and dwell in heaven, or, fret, worry, and scheme for the future, and reside solidly in a physical hell. Place the thoughts, “I want to be free.” “I want to know what is true,” daily, and watch as your very life is transformed into spiritual awareness beyond anything you ever imagined.

Many years ago, in Barbados, I experienced my body disappearing and blending into everything. I took my Hobi Cat and headed out on the west side of the Island, amazed that everything was energy. The boat, sail, and ropes, were all simply different frequencies of divine energy, and I actually could see, feel, and experience that. As my family worried for my safety, I set out to experience this awesome oneness of all. It was a rush to be sailing along the coast, one with the universe.

The ‘boom’ swung around and hit me in the head, almost knocking me off the Catamaran. I immediately learned that there are rules in the physical realm that must be honored. My family was happy when I returned, even with a lump on my head.
Hold on for a rocket ride beyond description, dear children of God. You and the Creator, (God) that may possibly be all there is…. Are you ready to accept that, if that is what is true? The truth will set us free. The universe resides within and outside…..”The Kingdom is within you.” You are without boundaries!