22. The Kabbalist View

All the major religions of the world appear to have a piece of the truth of life, and of a Creator. In the past few years, the fame of super star, Madonna, has placed a bright light on the ancient Jewish belief system of Kabbala. I have been studying the content of this mystical concept, recently. My understanding follows:

Our goal in this life should be to become more and more like God. According to the Kaballist’s, this is our ultimate destiny. The one tragedy that keeps this from happening is that we, as humans, have “the desire to receive for the self, alone.” This, along with attachments, is the source of all our pain and suffering. Author, Michael Berg states, “We must realize that this life is a prison, vanishing in time, destined to die, clinging to an illusion of separateness from God, these are the ultimate sources of desperation.
The desire to receive for the self alone, is the prison guard that is programmed into all of physical nature, that opposes every attempt to change this phenomenon.

We are created in God’s image! We have, therefore, the same essence as God. However, we don’t become ‘like God,’ because we believe we can’t be like God. When we become aware of this truth, we are the vessel that carries this certainty. The level and intensity of light of the Creator is based on our level of certainty.

In the world, there are two opposing forces of dark and light. Darkness is rampant due to the nature of the ego. Wanting to receive for the self, alone, is opposite from the Creators plan. Berg states, “through the process of eradicating the ego and performing transformative sharing, we awaken our true nature and become like God, creating a life of total joy and fulfillment.” So, the Kabbalist’s view is that we are either moving toward eternal life, or committing spiritual suicide. Preoccupation with our selfish desires, instant gratification, and survival of the body, blocks the light of the Creator.

By changing the desire to receive for the self, alone, into the desire to share, is a “supreme act of self interest. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” someone said. The Kabbalist’s believe that we don’t have to die.
Leaving this body is a diving into the ocean of Divine Source where we are eternally, NOW. Death has ‘no dominion’ over one who is fully in the light of the Creator. The enemy, the ego, lives inside us…..the prison guard! Let us all move quickly to the light.