3. How We Got Here

Humans were not always aware of the past and the future, what we will refer to as psychological time. Many animals live in a state of ‘now-ness,’ oblivious to the past or the future. Their only experience of fear is based on what happens in the moment of now. Once the fear has passed, they do not store the memory, as we humans do.

All war, famine, homelessness, greed, hatred, and all negativity is a direct result of the human mind (ego) remembering the past, planning for the future, and doing all this in each moment of now, This robs the human of the sheer joy of experiencing, BEING.
The enormous fear that is stored in the ‘false self,’ the mind, (ego) is ` about things that aren’t even real. For most of us, 99.9 % of our lives,
especially in America, are experienced in a state of comfort. (non fear) However, unconscious fear dominates most of humanity.
Even the fear of death is an unnecessary fear.

The observing consciousness that we really are is immortal, eternally now, and designed to be with GOD in the eternal, unfolding, ever-present experience of NOW. Who we really are, is invisible and indestructible.

From infancy, we have been taught that time is real. (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and centuries) The measuring of time was created by early man to keep track of the seasons, and the rising and setting of the sun. In reality, the sun neither rises, nor sets, except from a perspective of where our bodies reside. Viewed from outer space, the sun simply shines, always. Calendar time, was created to keep track of our appointments and future commitments. In a universe where the only thing that exists is now, there is no time. Time is an illusion. If no human existed on the planet, there would be no ‘time.’

For 12 years, the license plate on the Jaguar read, ETRNTY. For 12 years Noble’s mind tried to wrap itself around how long eternity is. Finally, after considering unlimited trillions of centuries, it is clear, eternity is not in time. It is forever, eternally, the presence and experience of NOW!

When human beings first began contemplating the past and the future, perhaps millions of years ago, a process began that caused humanity to lose the ability to fully experience the reality of the moment of now.

New born babies appear to be awake and fully in the now, especially during the first few months of life. By age three or four, most are already coughing, developing ticks, nervousness, and symptoms of fear, as a result of their parents, siblings, and others entrapment in time, and due to the actions of the surrounding family,

As a result of this sleep-walking, unconscious existence of entrapment, the planet is filled with humans who are caught up in egos, focused on past and future, and sleep walking through life in an insane state of unconsciousness and unawareness that the experience of NOW is sacred. For most, life is like an act in a play, on a stage. Shakespeare called it, “sound and fury signifying nothing.” King Solomon referred to it as,” Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

All of humanity needs to awaken, each of us realizing the devastating consequences of centuries of the mind focusing on form (physicality, emotions and thoughts) and ignoring the formless. (Our real spiritual selves)

We are living in two dimensions simultaneously, the world of form, (physical) and the world of the formless. (Spirit) Both appear real, and both always appear to exist in the moment of now.

When enough human beings awaken to this reality, perhaps all of mankind will be able to rise in a glorious new world, a collective level of consciousness.

Because all of life is one body, one divine organism, spiritual and physical, we can only awaken as a body when all are awakening.
It seems rational that all of the great Avatars, throughout the ages, were reacting to the same divine, intelligent force that is called God.

Over 100 million people have been killed in the last century, many due to the struggles over religion and/or the separation of man, us against them, and, we’re right and they’re wrong.

A new dawn is rising regarding the plight of mankind as more and more of us awaken to the reality of how we got here, and how we can move out of the devastating insane condition we are in.

Again, enlightenment, awakening, consciousness, is not something we can grasp with our minds. It happens when our chattering minds are silenced, and we have stopped judging, comparing, and labeling everyone and everything. It happens when we no longer run any stories in our minds about who we are and what is happening.

Attempting to use words to describe this state is almost impossible. In spite of that, I will try.

It feels like the body disappears, except for the visual and auditory sights and sounds. It is almost as if one were looking out of eyes, without a body. It seems like the experience of the physical world is transformed into unlimited space. It becomes apparent that the vibrational energy coming from the self, permeates and spreads and mingles with everything that exists. The expansiveness of the spiritual self blends into the entire universe. There is no separation between the self and everything. While it feels like the physical body disappears, you are still very much aware that you are in a body.

Becoming one with all that is, the only emotion experienced other than joy and peace, is total compassion as one looks at fellow humans. All are motivated by love, but so many are obviously caught in the dream of unconsciousness, and not experiencing the pleasure of NOW. Worry, fear, stress, and anger abound.

Looking at others, in this state, no longer judging and comparing, creates reactions that are mostly very positive and completely accepting. Receiving genuine smiles is common, because there is no threatening energy coming from one that is awake and non-judgmental. This is due more to the peaceful vibrational energy than it is to any facial muscular change, or body language.

When one’s consciousness rises to a certain level, one does not experience being alone in one’s body. The awareness that we are all part of one sacred and divine body becomes apparent. There is no experience or threat of fear in the moment of now, in this higher state.

People who are psychotic or deeply unconscious will tend to move quickly away, as they appear to be frightened by the vibrational energy, and as they, ‘pick up’ the energy in a way that most do not.

It becomes clear that there is a larger body of intelligence that we can ‘tap into,’ as if our small computer brain is downloading vast amounts of data from the sacred intelligent force that is the universe. The words, “I am,” seem to consist not only of the self, but of all that is.

Mortality or fear of death has no meaning in this state of BEING. One realizes that who we really are is immortal, indestructible, and destined for eternal presence, in whatever form God chooses. (a different dimension, different universe, heaven, reincarnation, or something else) The body feels like an object (tent) that simply houses who we really are.

It feels like it is not ‘my life,’ but that life is living through me. I am simply in the form of a human, but with an indescribable essence of non-form. (a living, vibrant energy, flowing within) There is an awareness of a peaceful, lightness to the body.

Again, the experience of being awakened cannot be comprehended, through use of language (words) by anyone who has not had the actual
experience. In fact, to try to use words to describe the experience is terribly inadequate, as the experience really cannot be described, since it is in the realm of the formless. Language only works when describing measurable form. (physicality, thoughts, emotions, etc.)

Consciousness cannot be attained by methods, programs, or exercises, although, we obviously have to do something different in order to awaken. However, every method has the goal of arriving at the state, rather than already being awakened. Consciousness either is happening, now, or it isn’t happening. The process can be described as, ‘the conscious awareness that we ARE, becoming aware of ITSELF.

All form is disintegrating. (physicality, emotions and thought) We can never be happy with what we attain in the realm of form, for we know that it will not last. We grasp at a deep level of unconsciousness, the impermanence of all form. Money, fame, possessions, and power can bring a rush of pride and pleasure, temporarily, but, be assured, those feelings will not last. They will all crumble and change.

Reconnecting with the formless, sacred, invisible soul of ourselves is the only way to achieve true happiness and joy, for we can experience that the soul is eternal, and that we are connected to a divine source of power that cannot be compared to the world of form. We are Eternally, Now! Our formless state, which we really are, is indestructible and immortal. We are Sacred and Eternally Present!

In the first few seconds of awakening, there is a sense of awe and fear as the ego desperately tries to hold on to the false self. It is impossible to hold the experience of consciousness for more than a few seconds, when first encountering this awesome experience.

The expansiveness of your awareness and experiencing that you are ONE with everything is the ultimate pleasurable rush. No roller coaster ride, bungee jump, or sky dive can ever compare. Looking at a sunset, or sitting by the ocean, while being aware of our oneness with the universe, is beyond description. There are no words that fit. The power of this experience makes one realize the sacredness of life, the self, and more directly, the sacredness of NOW.

The more often we can access the now, without dragging the past or reaching for the future, which is simply being caught up in senseless thought forms, the weaker the ego becomes as it fights for it’s very life. “Lest ye die and are reborn, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” The Kingdom of God is present, NOW. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” We are children of God, one with the divine source of all life. We are on a sacred journey.

Without complete attention on the activity of now, whatever we are doing becomes diluted and without fresh excitement. Without extreme attention to this brand new present activity, it is done by rote, or memory of previous times we performed the same activity. Even if we are playing golf and riding in a golf cart on a course we have never been on before, we will drag the familiarity of previous golfing, or similar experiences into the present, and therefore destroy the sacred excitement of feeling and BEING in the moment of this totally fresh experience of being alive, now.

Never look upon your brothers and sisters with judgment, but always look upon them with compassion, love and forgiveness. See them not as separate entities but as one with you in the sea of the ever present flowing energy and power of divine intelligence, which is God.

The form of everything physical is arising from a sacred space of silence and formlessness, and is ever changing in the millisecond of the eternal now. It is the power of God that holds the universe together, in each new rising millisecond of now, and God’s conscious power that supports all life forms. We are ONE with the Divine Creator of all we see, taste, hear, touch, and smell. We are the conscious presence, being aware of consciousness.