Mammaw Turner’s Gift

Mammaw Turner, one of my awesome grandmother’s showed me  sincere love, as a small child. My dad’s parents lived by Three Fork Creek, near Irontown Hollow, in the beautiful  heart of West Virginia. For as long as I can remember, that beautiful stream spilled over orange colored rocks and ledges. Sulfer from coal mines, upstream, had poisoned the water and left everything an erie  looking rusty-orange color.  One day, when I was 5 yrs. old, I had a rip in the seat of my jeans. (then called overalls)  Mammaw got her needle and thread, and walked with me, through the chainlink gate, out to the Out-door toilet, 30 or 40 yards from the rambling old home. Here, she quietly displayed a love and, intentional attention, that filled me with glowing gratitude and love. Mammaw was loving me!!!  She quietly asked me to go into the toilet, remove my ‘Ovealls,’ and hand them out through the door, to her. I could see her weathered, loving, smiling face, and a beam of sunlight, through the crack in the toilet door, as she lovingly sewed up the rip in my pants. When she finished, she handed the, ‘small kine,’ jeans back to me, through a small opening in the door. The odor of the toilet was sorta rank, but the memory of her love and thoughtfulness, in helping me keep my dignity, was far more memorable and awesome than any odor. We left the toilet, walking hand in hand, and she led me to an Out-building, where she handed me a huge hammer, and I was so happy to discover it was a gift. She then, as if by magic, lifted an over-sized chisel from a box, and looking at me with love, handed it gently to me. Apparently, these Railroad size tools were owned by my Uncle, John Plot, but given to my grandparents, at some point. She gifted these to me, now, on the spot! The  euphoria and  thrill of receiving Mammaw’s genuine display of love, honor and dignity, rings in my soul, even today.  The tiny things we do for a child have enormous impact in their  lives!    Thank you, Mammaw Turner….Thank you!!!  A person who says he or she loves God, but does not honor and respect their own parents and ancesters, who most surely  gave them life, is a truly deluded soul.  It is important to remember the good in everyone….always seeing the bright side of all beings !   NHT