5. The Lie to Ourselves

From very early in childhood, we discovered that we were mortal. We ‘got,’ at a very deep level that who we believed ourselves to be, would one day die. Each human being animal, at the point of discovery of this grim fact, had to develop a plan (a story) for keeping the self alive.

One of the major defenses of the young is that old age is so far off in the future, that they need not be concerned about it. A 16 year old sees age 50 as very old and very far off. A personality is created from very early on.

It is created from observing all life around us, by holding on to memories of the actions of the self and others, and the consequences of those actions. Each person creates an image of who they think they are, and the mighty ego is created very early in life.

Most humans are struggling with issues of self worth or feelings of worthlessness. Sometimes this manifests in behaviors of extreme arrogance and superiority, but it always covers the feeling of worthlessness.

The cause of feeling worthless comes from knowing that the body will die, and become, ‘nothing.’ Because we have come to believe that who we are is our body, (that will die) and because we know at a deep level of unconsciousness that even our soul is ‘no-thing, we see ourselves as having no worth. We are in constant flight from our early years, to run and hide from becoming nothingness. No one who has ever plunged into the depths of truth, about these issues, has ever reported anything but finding bliss, total awakened consciousness, overwhelming love, and a feeling of having come home.

All of the great avatars and spirit teachers have described a place of ecstasy and great peace.

We must be brutally honest with ourselves about the lies we have told ourselves, and therefore, others, about who we are. We have all stacked layer upon layer of the ‘’story’ of who we are. This mechanism, the ego, then runs us ragged by continuing the ‘story’ of who we are. We have believed the story that we created to avoid coming face to face with the reality of our nothingness. ‘No thing’ does not mean that the observing consciousness (soul/spirit) of who we are, does not exist. That essence of being is simply, not a thing. It has so much worth that it cannot be measured. It is radiant, divine, awake intelligence, connected to and one with eternal life in the ever present, eternal NOW.