6. Divine Vibrational Power / Truth Bringing Abundant Life / Conscious Awareness

We don’t have to work at being in an extremely high vibration level, since it is already natural to who and what we are. That is because the living present, universal vibration is natural, as ‘who we are.’ One with all that is! We do, however, have to stop having the thoughts that cause the lowering of our vibration. We should no longer give attention to anything that doesn’t allow us to vibrate in harmony with who we really are.

The wondrous universe of all form surrounds us, fills us, and in every way is one with us in the moment of now. I suggest you make it your friend. Don’t resist it!  Resist nothing, (including emotions, thoughts, people and events) and step into the pathway and through the narrow gate that is already the Kingdom of God. It can only happen, now! Don’t resist even the chatter of the mind, but rather, simply decide to stop having all those thoughts that drag from the past, or reach for the future. In fact, stopping all thoughts, of any nature, awakens us to where we really already are, and have been…….present now, one with God, and observing the ‘dance of life.’

A few nights ago, after much rain, a 3000 pound, five foot in diameter, round rock (stone) rolled from the top of the mountain behind my home, and crashed into my next door neighbor’s house. I was reading in my bed, 25 feet from the crash site. It was 10:45 at night. The explosion was terrifying! The neighbor had placed packing boxes in the bedroom, and for this night only slept in another room. Chunks of stone and concrete, some two feet wide, crashed through the bedroom and living room windows, landing in a place that would have crushed my neighbor’s body. I believe the Divine Intelligence that is God, that is in everything and all knowing, somehow signaled my neighbor, Julie, in the spirit, and at some unconscious level made her aware that she needed to be out of that room. I sleep every night, peacefully, and unafraid. I believe our ever present God will let me know if another stone will be rolling toward my home. If I am wrong, it will have been my time to leave the body, and live on in whatever form or formless state that the Creator has for me. Julie has not slept next door since the crash, and is moving to another home.

How incomprehensible and how awesomely powerful is a divine source, (force) so great, that it can manifest life in physical form, into the now. How could that force possibly create a sun, moon, trillions of worlds, and infinite galaxies, and fill it all with life force. I heard that scientists cannot create telescopes big enough to capture the speed at which the billions of galaxies are being created as the universe expands, at the speed of light. We are living, breathing, heart pounding, blood rushing through our bodies, human being animals, who are alive, with amazing senses, walking in, co-creating, spirit filled, participating in and observing the dance of life. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We are simultaneously spirit beings, constructed of vibrant energy, and at the same time, mortal human animals. We live in two dimensions at the same time. I’d like you to ponder about where this, ‘God,’ or divine force came from. How, and from what source, was the creator of the universe created, or where did ‘He/She/it,’ come from? I believe we cannot know, for certain, the answer to this ‘unknowable’ mystery, from the dimension of reality that we are in. It is an awakening experience, however, to deeply think about this concept.

It appears that beyond this, ‘life form,’ we will know the answer. I do know this…….the silent, energy filled, (call it soul, if you like) consciousness, that is the observer, that is you, and can be aware of it’s own consciousness, is not your body. It is one with the body, resides in and without any conscious limits outside of the body, but is not the body. It appears immortal and eternally now! It has no gender and no five senses. If you are willing and courageous enough to pursue the ‘raw truth,’ no matter where that leads, no matter what the consequences, and you really desire this truth, get ready for the lift-off of a ‘spiritual rocket ship’ that has no limits, and no end. When there is no more duality in our existence, no more separation, no judging or comparing, labeling, no more chattering of the mind about the past and the future, no more believing our own ‘made up’ story of who we have believed we are, when our ego’s have given up, when we have forgiven everyone, everything, (including ourselves) we will become aware of our oneness with God.

Regarding mortality, we have only two choices, the death of the false self before we grow old, insuring a physical death in peace, for we will know who/what we really are, or a frightening, desperate painful, bitter end, believing the lie that we are our just our bodies.  When, and if, we recognize our sacred ‘oneness’ with God, and all that is, the last step will be “taken by God.”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!!!

Truth Bringing Abundant Life

How important is it to know, and live by, the truth? The truth of who we are, is spiritually deeper than most of humanity is ready or able to comprehend. Many are on various places on the path to awakening, (consciousness) Each one is exactly where we are meant to be.

The mystery is that one can only be awake in the moment of now. So, attempts to ‘get to’ the full experience of this state, can become a hindrance. Constantly remind yourself that you don’t have to do anything to experience the fullness of being. (Quiet the chatter of the mind and simply be)

We are the observing sacred spirit of God, (call it soul, or any other term) alive in a body, observing the observable, manifested Universe. A fallen, or at least quieted ego, can be a blessed gift from the divine intelligence of the ever-present Creator. Be truly present, NOW, and be filled with the ‘eternally-now,’ presence of God.

If we truly want enlightenment, consciousness, or awakening, we must be willing to be honest with ourselves about who we really are. One of the goals of awakening for many is to acquire the respect, love, and acceptance of others. For some it is fame, fortune, power, money, and being loved and honored by everyone. If we are courageous enough to reveal to ourselves the lies that are controlling our lives, and the true desires of our hearts, we must face a scary concept that is the truth of this life’s existence.

Comprehending, at a very deep level, that we are ‘worthless’ and worse, we are “nothing at all,” is a horrible obstacle. For most, our self perceived identities are not even close to the truth. We have created an image in our minds, of who we think we are, which is ferociously fed by the ego, and the constantly chattering mind. When we begin to realize that who we really are, is ‘observing consciousness,’ the soul (spirit) without gender or senses that inhabits this body, the tendency is to flee back into the lie to ourselves about who we are. The lie at least gives us the hope of becoming ‘somebody,’ even though we are no thing. If we can get beyond the fear and resistance of our, ‘No-Thing-ness,’ we can become what we already are, sacred awakened consciousness, one with the divine universe, where there is a “peace that surpasses all understanding,” intense love, and Oneness with Divine Intelligence. We must be willing to let the mind created image of ourselves die, in order to know the truth and enter the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus said, “Lest ye die and are reborn, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

Accepting the absolute truth of who we are cannot be done by dragging the ego with us. It must shut up and sit down in the back, and no longer be the controlling force of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. We don’t have to literally ‘kill’ the ego, but we can no longer allow it to determine who we are. In other words, if we die unto ourselves, (quiet the ego) before our bodies die, we can experience a freedom and an expansion of awareness beyond anything we could have imagined. Then, we will know, when our physical bodies ‘fall away,’ we will simply remain as the eternally now, consciousness that is immortal and indestructible.

We don’t have to fear physical death as we age or become ill, in this state. What happens next, (when the body disintegrates) only God knows, but I am convinced, as was the Apostle Paul, that, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of man, what God has in store for those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.” God is not outside of us, but one with us. (Created in His image) We can truly co-create with this divine force, in “spirit and in truth.”

May your journey to the depths of your inner self become a roaring flame, devouring and consuming all of the lies we have convinced ourselves, were true. Be silent. Be still, Be present, Simply, Be!

Conscious Awareness
I was awake at 3:30 A.M. with the following sure awareness and truth. Most of humanity walks in darkness, regarding the truth of how miraculous this life, and human beings are. How incredible that we are walking, talking, tasting, hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, vessels of pure, observing, aware, consciousness. This divine phenomenon, (being aware consciousness) is our true identity, and the amazing paradox is, it does not even belong to us…. Our egos would have us believe that it is ‘I,’ who is in possession of this awareness. This is the BIG lie that keeps us entrapped in duality, misery, and suffering. Who we are is, ‘ONE’ with the sacred, universal intelligence most call God. Because we lay claim to the awareness, we walk through life, judging, comparing, and seeing people, events and everything outside of us as separate from who we perceive ourselves to be. Yes, God has cloaked (wrapped around) our pure aware consciousness, a magnificent, “fearfully and wonderfully made” human body, but it is not nearly as magnificent, nor as wonderful as the invisible, eternally present conscious awareness that this vessel carries, and gets to enjoy through the amazing senses.

Because our ego believes it possesses this awareness, we are a ‘house divided.’ Jesus said we cannot serve two masters. We do not own this awareness. It (awareness) is not the servant of an ego, or of our personality. If we simply allow a non-judgmental, perceptual awareness of everything, a peace comes upon us that, ‘surpasses all comprehension.”

It’s true, we are human being animals with blood rushing through our bodies, and synapses firing, with massive chemical reactions in our brains, however this unspeakably amazing organism is disintegrating, quickly. All form is deteriorating and constantly changing. We need not fear, for we are the divine aware consciousness that never ages, never gets sick, and has no desire to judge, or make anything or anyone, good or bad, right or wrong.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” Jesus claimed that he never spoke or did anything, without the guidance of His Father. For that, they hung him on a cross. I think Jesus was describing consciousness. “Is-ness,” being in harmony with the total perfection of divine presence, is all we have to do. Then arises the clarity of no separation from anything, and a pleasure and unspeakable joy begins to replace the suffering and misery of duality, of serving two masters.

Be still, be present, be aware, and Be here, now. The past and the future and the concept of time, do not exist. Love one another! ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo.’