7. Awakening Pitfalls / God Wants to Dance

The process of awakening is glorious, but can be fraught with pitfalls and a clever, ever-morphing, ego. The resistance to your awakening will come, not just from the ego within, but even from those who are the closest to you. Expect that family and close friends may temporarily abandon you or, ‘go silent’ about the events around your becoming enlightened, awakening. A common expression is, “Why don’t you just be normal.” Another, “You’re bi-polar, suffering from a manic high.” Or, “You are really off-balance.” They cannot comprehend that you are transforming into a new creature, balancing your physical manifestation, with the real spirit self, the observing consciousness that resides in the body, and is inter-woven into the divine intelligent present force that is God.

The natural man or woman (living out the story of the ego) has no way to comprehend the awesome shift that is taking place in your spirit life. They are unaware of the massive new firings of synapses and chemical upheaval in the brain. They do not know that you have, ‘entered the narrow gate to the Kingdom of God,’ and the Kingdom is now, and your perception of life is forever altered.

Trying to describe or explain consciousness to a natural man is fruitless. It appears that the best possible way of assisting someone who is awakening, is not with explanations and words, but rather with the silent power of your presence. According to David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., one balanced person who is centered and conscious, (awakened) can counter balance the energy of 10,000 people living out their lives with the ego in control.

We create our own, ‘Hell on earth,” by judging and practicing comparison, with all we see. That is not our role. As pure observing awareness, we are only to ‘BE.’ Judging anything in the second of now, causes a separation between you and the person/thing you are judging. We are not separate from anything in the universe. We are One with the sun, moon and stars, and the furthest reaches of the universe. Any attempt to separate ourselves from this awareness of oneness, is un-natural and causes great suffering.

God’s power is sustaining our physical bodies, with no responsibility on our part to breathe, beat our own hearts, or cause any of the functions of our vital organs. We were created to just BE present as the observer of life. Of course we participate in life, but from a focal point of being the observing consciousness, we are ‘hooked up’ to Eternal Divine Intelligence, and from this vantage point, our participation in life becomes completely supported by divine intelligence.

The ‘Law of Attraction,’ is unleashed for our own good pleasure. God’s awareness of ALL, is in fact this consciousness that we each are. The ego is a brutal enemy to awakening. It is an extension of awareness that is a dream. It is a phantom extension of who we really are, which is aware consciousness, invisible, and without gender or senses. The ego causes mental rambling and chattering all day long, believing itself separate from God, with a goal to keep you, (the body and false image of self) alive for ever. The ego says, “God is” and “Me too.” There is no, “me too.” We need only be concerned with THIS consciousness, this here and now.

We are forever alone in this conscious awareness, which includes the images of others. The images of everything outside of us, are witnessed from inside us. The mountain may be ‘over there,’ but the awareness of the mountain is taking place where? It is inside you. You and the mountain are one, in conscious awareness. The same is true for the entire universe! What could be more important than being present, now, as the observing awareness of life.


God Wants To Dance

The Jaguar is back! The engine wasn’t blown. The Jaguar mechanic that I have used for year’s, was mistaken. The problem was simply valve gaskets, causing the leaking of oil into the spark plugs.

Today, an amazing revelation took place as I drove my car in Honolulu. Nearly running a red light, stink eye and horn blowing at me, was rampant. I started thinking about, ‘who was driving the pick-up truck,’ when I was 16 years old? My mom would say, “Keep the hood ornament on the outer edge of the road, as a view plain or a guide, while driving. It dawned on me that divine intelligence was driving the truck.

Living in an unreal, made-up world, with no depth perception, it was impossible that the brain and body of Noble could have been driving that old green truck, alone. Yes, intelligent spiritual energy (God) was filling the body and was really driving the truck. Then I asked, “Who is driving the car, now?” The same answer surfaced. God is still driving, even though I live in a three dimensional world, today. The ever present spirit (vibrational energy) is animating the body, and doing everything.

All we need to do is be present, for the dance of life. Divine, Intelligent, God wants to dance, laugh, have fun, and experience joy, with Noble, and with the 6.4 billion souls on the planet earth. Then the mind turned to the concept of time.

When man first came out of the caves and realized that one could contemplate the future, a devastating flaw must have happened over a period of several centuries. The more man (and woman) could harness the passage of time, measure it, create calendars and clocks to track it, the more the ego of man, squeezed out the pure awareness of presence, (Being) Past experience dictated actions in the now, and set the stage for planning for the future. Human beings forgot how to experience the blissful joy of being, by constantly pondering how to manipulate the future. Always reaching to the future for some thing or person to bring happiness, humans became tragically lost in what we call the ego. We, the human race, have been asleep for far too long.

The rooster is crowing, the birds have begun to sing, the beautiful male peacock has raised his magnificent plume, and God is breathing life into our disintegrating bodies. Awaken now, and never fear the physical death of the body. We are each eternally now, where we’ve always been, and always will be. Dropping the body means it’s time to dive deep into the oceans of God. The next step God takes alone! 1/28/2008