8. Meditation and Judgement

Meditation is not what I always thought it to be. In the late 60’s. I took the Transcendental Meditation course in Boston. Sitting around, trying to stop my thoughts, was an impossible task. What is an occasional drifting to thoughts, or slight chatter of the mind, today, was in 1969 a jumbled, ‘run away train,’ a torrent of wild and rolling judgments, comparisons, thoughts of past and future.

I could only sit cross-legged for a few minutes and the wild thoughts and inflated ego would consume Noble. So called meditation sessions lasted only a few minutes.

Today, when I go into meditation mode, an instant peace and pleasure fills my body. There is a gentle sensation in my head, first, that then filters down through the body. The sensation feels like a gentle wind, blowing just inside the inner ears. It is a fluttering sensation that builds to something sort of like the sound of the ocean. When I allow that sensation to continue, by simply being quiet, it feels as though the body,
soul and mind are being gently healed from the inside. I believe I am being warmed, loved, and healed by this wonderful sensation. (maybe the voice or vibration of God)

After meditating, physical form becomes brighter and crystal clear in my vision. Pleasure is rampant in the smallest of activities, like walking moving, seeing, and simply observing the ‘dance of life,’ with no judgment. I actually love being in meditation.

Conscious awareness is what we are. The issue of judgment, judging anything, causes a blockage to awakening. Simply be un-judgingly and effortlessly aware in each moment. We must not judge, good or bad, right or wrong, and we must stop all comparing. One cannot divide (separate) the single awareness of immaculate oneness. We are pure consciousness, who is capable of being the silent observer, observing our own aware consciousness.

Apparently, the great avatar, (or, Son of God) Jesus, wasn’t telling his disciples not to judge others, because it was a sin against, or hurtful to the ‘other.’ He knew that in each milli-second of now, any thoughts from the ego about another person, place or event, would block the aware consciousness from experiencing the dynamic and powerful experience of BEING, in the Now. (1/2/2008)