9. Peace and Light

Precious carrier of God’s light!…..the literal light of God:

Awakened in the glorious radiance and majesty of sacred universal intelligence, Noble’s life feels like it is, moment by moment, being miraculously transformed, immersed and showered by the awesome gift of grace from the Creator of all that is. In the last 3 or 4 weeks, the, ‘Law of attraction’ has produced new and wonderful human souls, in this soul’s (Noble’s) awareness, and has orchestrated events filled with such abundance that Noble could never have dreamed possible, including signs and wonders that only the grace of God could produce. Each moment of this life is now exciting, filled with glorious insight’s, and awareness of my oneness with the Divine.

I have nothing happening that could not also be experienced by any human child of God, who is willing to know TRUTH, as we are all awakening children (spirits) of the Sacred Creator. The seed of enlightenment rests within each of us, simply waiting till the proper moment for watering, birth and growth. Be at peace, be present, be ONE with Divine source.

May the love of God, a love that you are, fill you to over-flowing. May you know this peace that transcends all human comprehension. The universe resides within you, at the core of your aware consciousness…….. I am! You are! We are, That!