A Deep, Fundamental Shift in Perception


Becoming aware that we are the Divine energy that animates the body, and that our thoughts and feelings are not who we are, is a giant step toward consciousness or awakening. No matter where we go, or what is happening, there we are…. connected, without boundaries, to all that is. Invisible, and One with Infinite Divine Intelligence…. what some call God. How powerful is that?   NHT”

An extraordinary realization awaits us as we become free of the “I,” the “me, ” the story between our ears that has previously defined us and has caused all our inner conflict, struggle, and suffering. We find ourselves more present, alive and fearless, able to connect with others at a being-to-being level, in a warm, open, welcoming way. Then there is no limit to the good we can create! What is needed for this depth of freedom? There’s nothing you have to do. You just have to undergo a deep, fundamental shift in perception, in the way you see.” Jim Dreaver