A Divinely Driven Purpose

Sixty-seven and one-half years ago, I landed from my mother’s womb in a lumber-jack shack in the West Virginia mountains, in a place called Wickwire Creek. With no running water, electricity, an outdoor toilet, and a struggle for survival, life was hard. At some point during the 1st 3 or 4 years of life, I had already left reality. I created a virtual world that was parallel with reality, but very different. I had no depth perception and no ability to see textures in anything, until age 27. Physicality appeared glassy and perfect. Humans had NO animal characteristics, in my world. I did not see the reality of my parents, or brothers, faces, until age 27. By the 3rd grade, I had already pushed down the last of any feelings, (emotions) and operated without an experience of emotions. By age 27, I was a walking machine with no ability to experience emotions. I was telling a Boston Psychiatrist that I felt like “eyeballs on a string,” without a body. I had become a wildly out of control being. Dr. Washborn curled up tighter in his chair, each week, Mis-diagnosed me as a Multiple paranoid Schizophrenic, urged me to go into a hospital, and upped the dosage of Thorazine. I know, now, that the experience of not feeling my body, or emotions, was such a huge blessing. My mind was free to roam to places that other Wickwire children were not aware of. I spent much of the early years hanging with the horse in the barn, or lying with my head under the baby chick gas brooder. I dreamed huge dreams of becoming a Super-star, on a huge platform. (at the time I envisioned it as Rock n’ Roll stardom) I saw only the good in people, and dreamed of the day when I would fly out, over the tree-tops of these bleak Applachian winters….off to huge success in cities, around the world. (even though I had only seen photos of cities in textbooks) Divine Intelligence honed and sculpted Noble, along with the dance of life, to be an International Spirit Teacher. I see that dream coming to fruition. A person becomes what they think about and focus on…. Be careful what you think, for you will become that! NHT 1/2/11