Five Turner's 1948I was born in the Appalachian Mountains, in the state of West Virginia, in a little place called Wiclwire Creek. At the time of my birth, my dad, who had been partially blinded at age 16, in a W.Va. coal mining dynamite explosion, was devastated by becoming totally blind. He could no longer determine night from day. I think he may have named me Noble, partly due to the courage and strength required, as his world became total darkness. Also, he used to say that that I didn’t cry for two days after my birth and he considered that bravery. Mom said, “I named the other two, Russell, (Glenn & Jerry) you name this one.” He said to  my mom, “He’s a brave lil’ fella,’ Evelyn, let’s call him Noble.” He also chose the middle name that he thought went really well with Noble, that being Hartsell.During the 1st several years, I grew up under conditions that were astounding, bleak, and radical. This included no electricity, an out-door toilet, coal and wood-burning stoves, no indoor running water, in a shack with cracks in the floor boards. (The shack was built from lumber cut from the forest) My mom used to say she didn’t need a dustpan; she could simply sweep the dirt down the cracks. We had a coal burning stove in the tiny living room, and a wood burning stove in the kitchen.We had baby chicks, in coops, in the living room in the early spring….Oh, how the odor of  amonia, permeated the little home.My dad had a pension check for $26.00 a month, and from this, my mom, dad, three brothers and I, survived.  My mom canned vegetables in many, many Atlas jars from the summer crops. We milked two cows (Bessie & Whitey) that provided milk and butter, raised hogs for butchering, and had an old workhorse named, Ol’ Frank. We hunted certain animals for food, ie. groundhogs, squirrels, and rarely a deer. (deer hunting has a short season) My dad raised chickens and cleared the wooded areas, by hand, working at night utilizing the cool night time temperatures. This area was turned into gardens and meadows for growing hay to feed the cows and Ol’ Frank. My three brothers and I never realized that we were poor, since almost everyone on Wickwire Creek was in a similar position to ours. I loved riding Ol’ Frank bareback across the meadow, pretending to be The Lone Ranger, on Silver.

Summers were spent working in the gardens and swimming in the Molly Hole. (a deep place in the local Wickwire Creek, surrounded by rocks)  I loved music, by age five, listening to my Pap and uncles picking and singing at the Sunday fried chicken dinners. Dad played the fiddle, and the banjo. The love of 40’s and 50’s country music, filled the air. I used to pretend to be playing a guitar, while using the broom from behind the kitchen door. Years later, after we obtained electricity, I listened to the Grand Ol’ Opry on the radio, continuing to play along on the broom. At age 13, I bought my 1st electric guitar and make-shift amplifier for $30.00.

I became a creative business child at an early age, catching and selling night crawlers, (very large fishing worms)  for .15 cents aNoble 5th & 8th Grade (3) - Copy dozen) to local fishermen, growing and selling strawberries and potatoes beside the road, and shoveling chicken manure into burlap bags to sell as fertilizer to the neighbors. (.50 cents a bag) I raised a Feeder Calf and sold him when full grown. I paid my way through undergraduate college, playing electric bass guitar in a rock band. (Th Emeralds….The Best in Rock and Roll)  I majored in vocal music, and after graduating, taught in schools in Florida and Massachusetts. In Boston, I modeled for T.V commercials and magazines, (Including th 1st ‘Tasters Choice National coffee commercial, and did bit parts in movies. Traveling to Hollywood, California, I was determined to be a star, however, I took a job as a bouncer in a tough night club. (The Garage) Hollywood was not what I had imagined it would be, and I returned to the North East. I opened a leather and suede boutique and large leather factory in Peabody Mass., (The Camel’s Hump) that became very successful. I still wanted to do something more fulfilling, so I went back to college, receiving a Masters degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I operated my own psychiatric clinic for 15 years, while buying and renting out homes in the Boston area. In 1982 I recorded in Nashville ,Tn., and performed in restaurants and nightclubs untill 1984.  In 1987, I sold my clinic and five  homes and arrived in Hawaii, with my beautiful family, including my 10 month old son,  in 1988. The intention was to retire, for life.

In 1989, The Japanese Real Estate bubble was growing and I bought an old leasehold property on Hanapepe Place, for $650,000. It was renovated, made into a beautiful Spanish Villa, and sold for $3.5 million, one year later. My good friends, Amber Ricci, and Eddie,  have lived in that home for the past several years. I became a private lender and had enormous success with  money,’ lending.  I invented the WaterTrampoline, and still have that U.S. Patent.  My wife and I purchased three Travel businesses. (Carlson Travel Network, offices) I gathered many seeds and created, The Nurseries of Nobility, a huge plant nursery in the back of Hawaii Kai.

In 1997, I went to a local Seminary College, earning a second Masters degree, in 2000, in Religion. I have enjoyed volunteering with several groups, including, Hospice Hawaii, River of Life Mission,  singing for State Mental Hospital patients, and working with the homeless. I have been involved in many aspects of real estate for the past 10 years. I enjoy meeting new people and developing trusting relationships. I have been on a lifelong journey of seeking the truth about who we all are, how we got here, and where we are going. I followed and studied the Rashnish, became a Jew, was in a George Gurdjieff group, went full bore into Christianity, followed Kaballa, followed Khrishnamurti, Papa Ji, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,and read every book from Guru’s that I could find.

I am a Spiritual Counselor, with a wealth of life experience, and the ability to truly help people resolve issues. The services are provided on a sliding fee scale, according to ability to pay. (see Spiritual Counseling tab at the top right of the home page)

I have three beautiful grown children, whom I adore.  One daughter has  given me an awesome (12 yr.old) grand daughter, and lives on Island.  Another  precious daughter lives and works in San Francisco.  My wonderful son lives and attends college, in Honolulu.

Having come from the stark beauty, peace, and poverty of the W.Va. Mountains, (Wickwire Creek) I am humbled by this life journey, grateful, and very appreciative of all that I have been blessed to experience and attain. Most of all, I am grateful for the awareness of who we are….blessed Children of God, Infinite Divine Intelligence, endowed with the attributes of the Creator….. Immortal and eternal with infinite power to create our futures. Yes, even the ability to heal our own illnesses, and the illnesses of others. The Beloved did not create Illness, sin, and death.   I have returned to the home I was born and raised in. I had an awesome garden, and raised 41 chickens and a rooster. I am grateful for everything that has ever happened in my life, for it has created who I am. Eternally loving you, Noble       NHT

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