Abundance is in Our Spiritual Nature

“Physical experience is the leading edge of thought. The furtherest extension of that thought. You are not at the beginning. You are here on the leading edge, living the manifestation of thought. And as you expose yourself to the contrast within the manifestation, you don new desires which then summons the Life Force.”
We must wake up, and show up daily, and use the joystick of the mind to create our futures. As we think, we manifest what comes in the physical realm. And, guess what? Abundance is in our spiritual nature, so it’s OK to manifest wealth, as long as we use it in a way that promotes the truth about life, and serves others to also share and be abundant. I am strong! I am aware! I am powerful! I am clear! I stand in my power, today, and every day, for as long as this body draws breath. You are all this, and you can too! NHT 1/19/12