Age is a matter of Mind Over Matter

Aaaaah, the Trade Winds of Hawaii are gentle this morning. Everything is so beautifully balanced in this amazing dream, called life. Here, the birds are singing, leaves on trees are dancing, and the sun’s warmth against the skin, is heavenly. How blessed we are to be alive and in these bodies, at this time. Co-breathing with God (IDI) causes my body cells to dance, and my thoughts to be focused on  gratitude. When I was a youngster, I thought anyone my age was way over the hill and had no hope left for any happiness. Now, nearing seventy, I am excited to find that aging is a Mind Thing. On the inside, who we really are is ageless. I feel more hope, have bigger dreams, and love my life more than at any stage along the way. We are a reflection of, ‘The Big Mind,’ the Mind that is Infinite Divine Intelligence. (God) Anything we dream, we may have!  On the inside, I feel about 30, and sometimes even as young as a teen-ager. Thoughts are the powerful creator of the future. As a man or woman thinketh  in their hearts, so are they…. NHT  9/7/2011