Dawn Slowly Takes Away the Darkness

Precious birds sing outside my window, each morning at around 6:00 AM.  The dawn slowly takes away the darkness, and a symphony of beautiful tropical bird sounds,  permeate the air.  A new day! I am filled with gratitude as I place my feet on the soft rug at my bedside. Here, is another day for an opportunity to seek the truth of our existance. We have the sacred gift of experiencing the manifested physical body, another day. On this day, attempt reconciliation with every living being. Be at peace with all brothers and sisters, (living or deceased) because ‘you are them.’ The divine energy animating their apparent bodies, (or spiritual entities) is the very same energy that gives your ‘apparent’ body, life, breath, and vital organ functions. Stretch and move what IDI has blessed you with, the body that you are manifesting,  along with the rising of form with the Creator. Now, Noble’s gonna’ ride the trail bike over to Sandy Beach, for exfoliating in wet sand, exercising in salt water, and Boogie Boarding with the Locals… I love my life… Oooops correction… my life is not my own. It is the life of IDI…. I am simply a reflection of God, (IDI) consisting of vibrating particles of light.  I love you!!!   NHT