Eagle Prayer by Thomas Willhite

Noble Turner reading the Eagle Prayer, written by the founder of PSI Seminars, Thomas Willhite.

“God, give us the courage to face our problems, and the realization that we have the ability to solve them. That we must face the truth, no matter what it is. We shall learn to rely on ourselves, and not to blame others for our weaknesses or mistakes. Grant us the courage to take our heads out of the sand, face life with confidence, and give whatever life demands of us. Awaken us to the realization that we are not kept by our brothers, nor are we our brothers keeper. Help us if we are tempted to boast of noble deeds with which we try to deceive others and ourselves. To make someone else think that we are greater to Thee than they. Teach us to know that because the “I Am,” is your creation. The “I Am” is the beginning and the end, and because of you all things are possible. Teach us to know that we cannot expect you, our God, to do for us those things we should do for ourselves. We know that it is by our deeds that we shall be measured, and when we fully realize this truth, it will indeed set us free. Free of the fear of yesterday, today, and all the tomorrows that may come. That same truth will set us free from false pride, greed, jelousy, and envy. God, you have made us eagles and we shall break the shackles of fear and ignorance which have bound our wings. Now, with the freedom of truth we can soar above thr mountains and clouds to see the wonders of the earth; the abundance of wealth and happiness that you have made available to man. Thus, we shall be inspired by the vastness of the universe, and we will live in it’s greatness and glory, and shall be worthy of ourselves and our place in the sun. Free us, oh God, and we shall work to free ourselves from the burdens of mystical dogmas and social formulas founded on fear, greed, and ignorance. We shall knock, and the doors of knowledge shall open. We shall ask, and because we are willing to pay the price, it will be given to us.”