Envision What You Want With Passion

It’s not enough to think good and positive thoughts…. It’s a great start, however, without a specific goal and a driving passion to have what you want, ‘The Secret,’ (Both the book and the movie) will leave you sitting and wondering why, “The Secret doesn’t work for me?” Passion is raw and real emotions or feelings about the results you really want. Surround yourself with only people who believe in your dreams. Choose friends who will emotionally back your journey with passion. It is their energy that will support the universal movement of atoms and particles of light to give you, your ‘hearts desire.’ Finally, The key word is intention, but without action steps for the creation, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Speak, feel about, envision, and have a passion for what you want. Take action with a single driven focus, and it can only manifest your dream. God (Infinite Divine Intelligence) who dwells within, wants your joy and pleasure. Simply love, give, and have compassion for all the other beings, and watch the magic. NHT 6/14/2011