We Create Our Own Experience

Oh Abraham, Abraham…. The meaning of these words, if sunken really deep within, can set one free. With the literal understanding of these concepts, one realizes the God (IDI) within. This doesn’t have to be scary or weird! It simply means that YOU, spirit being,  have so much power with the mind, (yours and Gods) that you are the Creator (along with IDI) of everything that you see happening! Holy Cow! WOW!  NHT 10/11/2012

“You are the only one who creates in your experience—no one else. Everything that comes to you, comes by the power of your thought. If there are changes you would like to make, it will be of great value to begin telling a different story—not only about your body, but about all subjects that have been troubling to you. As you begin to positively focus, getting to feel so good about so many subjects, you will begin to feel the power that creates worlds flowing through you.”  Abraham