Facebook Posts 11/20/09 – 1/10/10

This is a chronological compilation of posts over  seven weeks, on Facebook.com. Everything that is written is my perceived truth of life, as I fully experience it. May these words, given to me, deeply touch your heart. These are words of wisdom, delivered by the Divine Creator, through this human vessel. I suggest yu scroll to the bottom, and read from the end, to the beginning. May these words illuminate your MIND, and bring you eternal peace. NHT.

See everyone as perfectly and harmoniously balanced with the universe, just as they are! We are all already perfect and glorious children of the Divine. Many Just don’t quite KNOW (experience) it yet! All will come to the experience of the God within, sooner or later! It can be scary to discover you have infinite power with your mind. “The Divine Creator is living inside of you.” NHT 1/10/2010

You are the soul, and, one with everything else that exists. Actually, you cannot lose your soul, at all. You could waste your life away by not perceiving truth, however. Your imagined body houses the mind of the Creator that designed this awesome dualistic ride, called life and the universe. Be grateful! You could have been a cockroach, a mouse, or a tree….or, something else. NHT 1/10/2010

Mind is Master over matter…….  SacredEternalPresence.com, a Spiritual website, Launches next week. I invite you to come and experience the truth of our Sacred Eternal Presence, a presence that is eternal, perfect, and harmonious. Children of God, all 6.9 Billion of us, we are! Love is all there is. Peace, aloha, and love, NHT 1/10/10

We have been deluded by 1000’s of years of believing that life, pain, & pleasure, are in matter. (physicality) we chase after pleasure or flee from pain, which only exists in the mind. Actually, matter is in the mind, & mind is master over matter. NHT 1/9/2010

“Every thought we have and action we take becomes part of the collective energy of the planet. When we use our energy to bring light into the world, it combines with the light brought by others to dispel the darkness. Though we live in a world of duality, which helps us to experience the material plane, we don’t need to experience extremes, to understand them.”  Daily Om 1/8/2010

Even though our true image is perfect and harmonious, our ego’s can morph into  lil’ monsters. (even lil’ spiritual ego monsters) Just when we think we are “really spiritual, now,’ our past haunts in the form of unconscious thoughts, can wreak havoc with our tongue and emotions. We must be very careful what we think, and more careful what we speak, and adjust the vibrational energy sounds, in the speaking. NHT 1/5/2010

Reminder to Co-Breathe with the Creator, every time you possibly can remember, if only a few times a day in the beginning. By choosing when and at what speed to pull air in, and let it out, you heal every cell in your imagined body. A few moments of silent brain co- breathing with God can eqal two hours of restful sleep! Co- breathe. Try it! NHT 1/3/2010

Forgive everyone everything! Hold no grudges, and no resentments! Love your brother’s and sisters, and forgive all! Everyone outside you, is you! No Judgments, and no Separation…. All is the mind of the Divine Creator….Anything else, is ego and dreaming! I Love you! NHT 1/3/2010

Thanks to all my dear friends for the best Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Eve that I have ever experienced! To you, Mary of tall stature, and your sweet mom, a big Thank You. Your friends and family are awesome! Thanks to all who graced my home with your presence for the Spiritual Gathering and for New Years Eve.   Peace and love, NHT 1/2/2010

Illness, sin, and death do not exist! It is the collective consciousness of mankind that has brought this dreamed (nightmare) condition about. The Creator did not create these horrible, diseased conditions. We can, with our minds, cure illness, not have sin in our worlds, and never die. The apparent body (Imagined) will dis-integrate, but the spirit being you are, is destined for Glory and Eternity.  NHT 1/2/2010

Our true image, the God within, is harmonious and perfect! God spoke the universe into existence. The power of the spoken word, first formed in the mind and verbally discharged, powerfully through out the cosmos is explosive. Be careful what you think and speak! Your power, within these thoughts and words, ripples into Infinity! Glory and power to all living Beings. Children of the Divine Creator. NHT 1/2/2010

We have the same infinite abilities as ‘God.’ The same infinite brightness, abundance, health and conscience…. is already bestowed within us. We are children of the Creator and of the the Buddah. We are the creators of our own lives! Our true image is perfect and harmonious….Human life is a supreme drama, created by man and woman. God fills it with apparent physicality or matter. NHT 1/1/ 2010

“Thru me & in me, the spiritual light of love flows, descending from Heaven, and a throne of grace. Thru my being, the light of spiritual love overflows, shining itself in all it’s brightness and brilliance. The shining expands increasingly over and thru the universe which becomes entirely enfolded with the spiritual light of grace, flowing thru the heart of mankind with Divine love and eternal peace.” Masaharu Taniguchi”  1903-1985

Thanks to 21 of my closest friends, for last nights awesome Spiritual Gathering. The vibrational frequencies in my living room, coming from each of you, were perfect and harmonious. I slept like a lil’ baby last night! I love the true image of each of you. All we need is love! and, we have it!!! NHT 12/29/2009

“The greatness of ones soul can be measured by it’s generosity. Lack of tolerance is evidence that one is confined to a shell of egotism. It is difficult to break that shell. Know that it is in the fertile soil of tolerance that the human personality can grow smoothly into a towering tree.” Masaharu Tanuguchi   1903-1985

“Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier -certainly no more difficult – than small ideas and small plans.”  “David J. Schwartz”.

Laugh uproariously, today & every day! Finest medicine for the body that nature has provided! Offer happiness, encouragement, & love to all living beings. Acquire the mind of giving & watch as the universe floods you with gifts! Speak in kind and gentle tones, aware of the vibrations of the voice, & manifest goodness everywhere. Our true image is perfect and harmonious. Our true image is God, itself. NHT 12/26/2009

Enlightenment is the realization that all the outward responsibilities and  causes for our troubles are of our own making. Everything comes forth and returns to us. We must turn from the superstitious belief that seeks God outside of us, & realize the source of all virtues is within. This is true religion. Masaharu Taniguchi 1903- 1985

Manifestation of everything starts in the mind….Think it, dream it, speak it, only focus on the good, and watch as the universe moves objects, people and events to support that which you focus on….It is, No Secret! We are the mirrored reflection of the mind of the Divine Creator. Thank you, amazing Avatar, Jesus, for your awe inspiring teaching and sacrifice. We honor you on your birthday. NHT 12/25/2009

To all those in my life that have experienced me as being, (or having been) too talkative, too amped up, too ‘in your face.’ My commitment to myself and the God within, is to speak less, listen more, Give more than I receive, only speak what is true for me, and always keep my word. Thank you my dear friends and family, for continuing to love me despite of past imperfections….I love you all! NHT 12/23/2009

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” Starting with our thoughts, all things arise. Be careful what you think for it becomes your words, which become your actions. Actions become habits! These become your character, which becomes your Reality! How did we get here, we ask? Duuuhhhh …We got here, because we thought it….

Like the Apostle Paul, I don’t know if I dreamed it or if I actually was there, but I experienced a 3rd heaven, during the 3 day Seicho No Ie Retreat in Kaneohe. It was a glorious & different realm, dimension, or heaven-like place. Everyone appeared as particles of light, glowing white and radiant. There were no human flaws, and no one appeared to be young or old.o one was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creatoro one was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creatorone was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creatorone was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creatorone was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creatorone was very young, or very old. I was what appeared to be the ‘mind of the Creator
I did not have a human body, but experienced sight and sound. The brilliant light and magnificence cannot be described. There were realms of un-imaginable universes and experiences that were infinite. I asked the Divine Creator to please not let me see more than I could handle. We are all awesome eternal souls, destined for glory!

To all my PSI brothers and sisters, I will be attending PSI-7 at the ranch, north of San Francisco, in March, 2010. Also, signed up to staff the next basic in Honolulu, in January. Sure hope Courtland is training, although I am sure that each trainer is awesome. I loved my 4 day PSI experience! Many life long negative programs, are disintegrating. I am happy!

After the awesome PSI Basic, I committed to smiling at 15 strangers, per day! On the 1st day after the training, I smiled at 78 souls, and all but 3 smiled back. A lifelong habit is broken! Whatever we think about, or focus on, is coming. Get ready! It is coming! This universal law is more real than gravity, and even what appears to be the manifestation of physicality.

Noble is waking up happy and filled with gratitude about this awesome spirit filled life. Loving each moment as the mystery (majesty) of the Divine Creator is revealed, layer by layer. Remember to Co-Breathe with God this morning. Put it in your mind….anything you dream, you may have. Peace!

I am doing the PSI Basic Training this coming weekend, Thursday through Sunday. I am excited about what new magic and mystery I will discover about this awesome life. Every day is an exciting journey, now…..Actually, every moment! Peace!

Waking up happy and filled with gratitude about this awesome spirit filled life. I am Loving each moment as the mystery (majesty) of the Divine Creator is revealed, layer by layer. Remembering to Co-Breathe with God this morning? Put it in your mind….anything you dream, you may have. Peace out! NHT 12/23/2009

My Mom and Pap were the most courageous, persevering, brave, ‘never give up,’ parents, that a child could ever dream for. In the face of tragedy, poverty, and much sorrow, they set a stellar example of “stick-to-it-tive-ness,” that is unparalleled by anyone I’ve ever known…Maybe Nelson Mandela and a few others come close. I honor and praise the efforts of these special souls.. Thank you very much!

Life on the ‘Crick, (Wickwire Creek, W.Va) was really awesome.’ Swim in the ‘Molly Hole,” everyday of the summer, with all the Flohr boys, Garners, Poe’s, Dickey’s, and a few other souls. Chop down forests, Carry in Kindling wood and coal buckets and water. Bathe in a wash tub behind the wood burning kitchen stove, after 2 or 3 Bros. had their baths. Oh how I honor the names of: William Russel and Evelyn M. Turner

Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us! Above us only sky….Imagine all the people Living for today… You may say, I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as ONE… John Lennon (?)….6/07/1980

Good, good thoughts! Positive, powerful, moving forward thoughts! Thoughts of how to help others, serve others, create a ‘Heaven on Earth,” which is already here. The ability to experience the Divine is just glommed over with mind chatter, negativity, and separation. (Attachments) It’s easy if we all try! Change your thoughts and change the world!

Every being you come into contact with is a sacred child of God, with infinite potential to create anything the mind can conceive. Be reconciled to the entire universe, and to all living beings, always give love, respect and honor. We have the Mind of God, and having this unspeakable gift, is the ultimate mystery and unthinkable magic! Namaste’ … and, Gloria in Excelsis Deo  NHT 12/04/2009

Abundance, happiness, the Joy of being alive, all await those who control their own mind and words. Anything you dream, you may have. The Divine Creator, is living inside of you, and 6.4 billion other living souls. Remember to c0-breathe with God! You choose when to pull in the breath, and when to blow it out! Watch every cell in your imagined body, instantly heal and scatter pleasure throughout.   NHT 12/04 2009

All Masters were seeking from the One God, so true, Let’s all come together, and make this earth new! I love you Lono, I trust you Muhammad, Come be with me Bhudda, I love you Jesus, too. We are Spirit Beings in a body a short while, so please love your neighbor, shown them your sweet smile. We are all Spirit beings, in a body, only a short while So, please love your neighbors, show them your sweet smile. NHT 12/1/2009

If people really knew that every time they get angry, they re committing suicide, they’d never get angry again. Hate the ego, Share ridiculously, Now, and now and now.” Michael Berg….Becoming Like God.

“When we crush the force of ego, experience humiliation, and thank the humiliator for the opportunity, when we share till it hurts, especially when that sharing is the last thing we want to do, we are stepping into immortality”  Becoming like God   Michael Berg. Kabbalah

“Our transformation to be like God is the only worth-while goal in life. We are either on the road to light or the road to darkness. We’re either becoming like God, or we are committing suicide. There is no other position.” Michael Berg …. Kabbalah

The illness of each one of us can be cured by, ‘changing our thoughts.’ Negative thoughts lead to a hell on earth, NOW. Positive thoughts lead to ascension into a new glorious realm, NOW! Namaste,’ Noble  11/29/2009

We are light particles. We are the Mind of the Creator. We create what we think and speak. Yes, even DNA, and Human Bodies, and all Physicality or Matter. We are Children of the Divine Creator, who lives inside of me, and you, and all 6.4 billion of us. Sin, Illness and death, do not really exist. Human minds have caused this ‘bad dream’ error, and the mind of each child of God can begin to make that correction. NHT 11/29/2009  d this (bad dream) error, and the mind of each Child of God, can now begin to make that correction.

Don’t forget, Monday evening at 6:00 PM, (Nov. 30) we gather at Noble’s for an evening of exploring the ‘Truth of Life.’ Secho No Ie’s message and that of Kabbalah, are quite similar. Go out and love your neighbors, today, and everyday….Be at peace!

May all of us remember the things we are thankful for, tomorrow. I vow to co-beathe with the Divine, when I can remember to do so. Normally, God is breathing us. We can heal every cell of our bodies by, ‘Conscious’ breathing. determining when to pull in, and let out breath.

God, the Creator is living inside of you. Put it in your mind! Anything you dream, you may have………and remember, “Love your neighbor.” Think pure and good thoughts, and watch as they become reality. This is NOT a Religion. Religions separate humanity. The One God has a harmonious universe. We Speak our harmony into it, and create it! The impact is infinite.to it, and Create it! The impact is infinate!to it, and Create it! The impact is infinate!

They gonna’ say I’m crazy, for speaking these, ‘apparently’ outrageous and blasphemous words. They are not these things, but are words of my truth. All I know is: God, the Creator, is living inside each of us. Our thoughts become words, then actions, and we get exactly what we think about and focus on. Happy Thanksgiving to all! NHT 11/25/2009

Happiness, contentment, peace and joy, to all my friends and family, on this special giving thanks, holiday. I am grateful to be alive, and I am grateful to all of you!

On my mind is: 10 days of not posting anything heavy about my spiritual journey. In my zeal over recent discoveries, I placed posts onto Facebook, and have now examined my method of teaching truth. Let’s be at peace here, huh? Nothing bad is really happening. I watched a sunset at Sandy beach earlier, and hung out with three local guys, Chattin’ and enjoying a sunset by a music Playing pick-up truck! Almost Heaven!  NHT  11/23/2009h 3 local guys, chattin’ and enjoying the sunset, by a music filled, pick-up truck. ‘Almost Heaven!’

I invite all who seek truth and happiness to attend a service this Sunday, at 9:00 A.M. Seicho No Ie center, 1333 Mattlock St., Take Beretania, turn right on Piiquoi, then 2nd right on Mattlock. Go to end of the block, park in Lg. lot on the right. “You shall know the truth, and it will set you free.” Something to be really thankful for!

To further improve your destiny, you must know the Truth and that is, to know that you are a perfectly harmonious “Child of God.” Those who study and live the Seicho-No-Ie teachings are changing their lives. Please live a cheerful life and lead a life of giving,” Masaharu Tanaguchi 1896-1985 No one Religion has all of the answers. The words of Seicho No Ie come closer than anything I have ever encountered.  NHT  11/23/2009

There is an expression in the Spirit world, “When the student is ready, the Master (teacher will come) After 66 years of seeking truth, the words of Masaharu Taniguchi,s truth of life, was the catalyst for ascension into the light.

Be grateful to all human beings. Be reconciled with the entire universe. Our thoughts and words permeate the entire universe. I believe God did ‘Speak’ the universe into existence. That’s why our thoughts followed by words are so infinitely powerful. You have been created in the ‘Image’ of God, with all the attributes of the Divine. We must be careful what we think and speak. NHT  11/23/2009    

Illness was not created by God, therefore, illness will not be removed by prayer, alone. All illness can be cured by the thoughts you carry in your mind. Think sick thoughts, and be sick! Think healthy thoughts & be healed. too simple, huh?

You don’t have to give up any religion, to know the truth. The truth of who we really are is the passport (Created by thoughts and mind) to eternal life in the NOW. The mili-second of NOW.

The mind of God is what we are! Matter is an illusion, even the body we call self, we are dreaming. This next Sunday 11/29/09, The truth will be honored and spoken at 9:00 A M at the Seicho No Ie center at 1333 Mattlock Street. Call me for directions.

I know I am amped up, wired, exuberant, for I am excited about, ‘the Truth of Life.’ Narrow is the gate. I do not boast, but am humbled by this unthinkable discovery. Every human has the capability of being A Christ, an Avatar, a Master Spirit Teacher. Praise the Divine!!!

Amp it down, Noble…Mellow out, Noble. Yer ‘comin’ on too strong Noble. “You sound Preachy and like a, ‘Know it all,’ Noble… Thousands of years of untruth’s, and finally discovering truth, surely changes one’s view of life. Yes, it Changes everything!!! Thanks for all comments!

The Spirit consciousness that is already in the mysterious, mystical, indescribable heaven on earth, and all coming from the thoughts we have. It’s the spirit God inside you. Too simple, huh? Applying it though, Ho’ Bruddah.’ (Hawaiian for Brother)

As long as your mind is only thinking Good, Loving, Gratitude-filled thoughts, you are on the right path. Negative thoughts lead to hell on earth, and beyond, & loving ones to eternal life in the spirit heaven. Namaste’

I am a preacher…an ordained minister, in the state of Hawaii. I serve a mighty Creator. My message is a simple one, to all whose ears can hear, when it looks like all is lost and gone, the end is not yet near.

The fear induced, ‘Jesus is the ONLY way to God,’ and, ‘you go to hell if you don’t accept HIM as your personal Savior,’ has been a devastating message to humanity. Jesus would be mortified, today, to see what’s been done with his message of hope, love, Oneness with the Father, and non judgment. All Christians should cease the spread of the error-filled message, ”No one comes to the Father but through me.” The interpretation of hat phrase, along with many others, breeds separation and hatred. Obviously, 2/3rds of the planet is condemned to hell, for not accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Is it possible that the “Inerrant,” “Infallible,” word of God, may have a few errors? Or, at least a faulty interpretation of what Jesus meant.error-filled massage, “No one comes to the Father but through me.” It breeds separation and hatred, obviously! 2/3rds of the planet goes to hell, for not accepting Jesus?
Wow… Ihe inerrant, infalable Bible, has a few little errors???

For the mind of God is all you are. All else is ego, hanging on. It is your mind that is creating your reality, including all matter, but the, “your” (not the body, but spirit) is not separate from the Infinite power of the Creator. NHT 11/20/2009

For every Powerful positive experience, there will come negative ones, to balance the energy. Two human souls attacked me with words, in the last 2 days. I Try to give back love.

What’s on my mind??? God, the Creator is living inside of me, and you, and 6.4 Billion souls. All of us are like different shaped, blemished mirrors, all reflecting a huge Bright light. Think ONLY good, good thoughts.

Put it in your mind! Put it in your mind. God, the Creator, is living inside of you. Anything you want, you may have. Think it, dream it, put it in your mind….any thing you want, you may have!

We are spirit beings, in a body a short while, So, please love your neighbor, show them your sweet smile. Be grateful to all living beings. Be reconciled to the entire universe.

Separation and Wars, made this, ‘Heaven on earth’ poor Your God Verses my God, We must do this no more. All Masters were seeking from the one God so true, we must all come together, to help make this earth new. Let’s all see our oneness, and have no more strife Let’s love one another, and this precious life. Noble Turner 11/6/2009

Before focusing on the illusion part, free your mind of all negative thoughts. Reconcile your spirit with every living thing and the entire universe. Your words are imbued with the infinite power of the divine Creator. Comprehending the Illusion aspect requires ‘graduate school understanding’ at the virtual Spiritual University. Your thoughts and words create your reality.

All the Great Masters were seeking from the One God. Separation and war made this heaven on earth’ poor. Your God, vs. My God??? We must do this NO more! I love Lono, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Shakti, Quanyin, Jehova . For they all brought us a piece of the truth. We are already in heaven, right now, or we are creating hellish conditions, brought on by the thoughts of the mind. (The thoughts must stay pure!)

Jesus may have spoken those words, or similar words, but the faulty interpretation has caused the slaughter of Millions of humans. Jesus is NOT the only way to experience God. Jesus’s message is A way. Separation (caused by this interpretation) and wars, made this ‘Heaven on earth’ poor. Praise you Jesus, for the message of God you experienced. and shared with all of us. Your God, Verses my God, we must do this NO MORE. Every Word in the Holy Bible may not be inerrant or infallible. Love you lil’ niece, but there are many paths to the truth of the Creator, who dwells within.

“God reveals the healing of sickness to demonstrate that the physical body can be changed in any way, by the mind, and to awaken man to the truth that the body is only a shadow of the mind. For those attached to the appearance and disappearance of matter, when matter is increased, their faith iis raised, and when matter is decreased, they lose their faith.” Masaharu Taniguci (1896-1985) A true Master Teacher

The Seicho No Ie movement had 12 million members, in Japan, by the early 1940’s. I was loaned the 78 year old book, Truth of Life. My life has been transformed, by the words of this awesome enlightened being. I attended a 3 day seminar at their Temple this past weekend, and sealed my fate with my Divine Creator. We are …all Children of God, imbued with infinite power, capable of healing all sickness, and suffering.

I would like to invite you to a very special experience on Sunday, November 29th at 9:00 A.M. You will meet a small group of awesome souls, I will be singing and speaking, and my friend Richard Green, will also be speaking. You’ve heard the expression, “When the student is ready, the Master (teacher/guru) will come. Mine came in the form of a 78 year old book called, ‘Truth of Life,’ by Masaharu Taniguchi (1893-1985)

Glowing from a 3 day retreat at the Seicho No Ie Center, in Kaneohe, I am. Much gratitude to the 23 Children of God-men and women who shared their love, respect and dignity, with me. Yes, it’s true, The Divine Creator is living inside of you. Because we have been created in the image of God we have the attributes of God. Whatever you think and speak becomes reality. “Thoughts become words, then actions, which changes everything.  NHT 11/15/2009

The year 2012: The latest fear on the planet, along with H1N1, and Health Reform. !t will not happen, unless the collective consciousness of humanity gets all freaked out, and tips the balance. Let’s all place our thoughts on a great loving and positive year, during 2012, with NO calamity. (remember the fear around the year 2000?) The unspeakably awesome Creator is living inside of you, and all of us! Put it in Your mind!

The Divine Power was/is in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, the Dali Lama, and all conscious beings, children of God. We all have the capability (potential) to ba a Christ. All great Avatars were receiving and experiencing the One God, giving life to all.

I honor the spirit of Masaharu Taniguchi, and the entire ‘Seicho No Ie’ movement. I give honor and bow to the spirits (souls) of all the great masters. I love you Buddha, I trust in you Krishna, come be with me Lono, I love you Jesus, too. All on Oahu who seek awakening to the Divine, hold Sunday AM Nov. 29 open for Seicho No Ie. 9:00 AM

I ask forgiveness of every Turner family member and every precious descendent of Mammaw and Pappaw Turner. Lil’ Noble needed to go away for a while, (wow, soooo many years) so I could be aware of what is, now!!! Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you,” and he meant it literally. Heaven is, and can be for all, Here, Now!

I’m thinkin’ of many other expressions of love, from you Mom. You’d never have gone for this Facebook stuff…….You were a Master of humility, courage, stamina, but beautifully private. Miss you Mom!  Mammaw, to a big number of her offspring. I love you all.

I give honor to, and seek forgiveness from the spirit beings of William Russell Turner, and Evelyn Madeline Devers Turner. My Mammaw Devers, too. For they deserve all praise. Struggling to survive, literally, they persevered, humbled themselves before the Divine, and loved me in the only ways they could. Mom, you put on the table, 3 family meals a day for 19 years, 365 days a year. One of your awesome expressions of love!

Oooops! I raised concern from close friends and family because of the last few posts. I must not apologize, or change the message, however….for I believe the basic message to be Truth! Maybe Face book is not the proper format for messages of this spiritual depth. Remember, words are only pointers to concepts, or physicality. Any comments or reactions (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated. Namaste’

Our minds have mastery over matter. Matter, in essence, is an illusion. Finally, Quantum physicists are becoming aware of the God within. What we are thinking about, we will surely create. This is a universal law as strong (or stronger) than gravity, itself. God, the Creator, the land of eternal blessings, is within. “I’ll fly away….Halleluiah, by and by.”

Awake in the middle of the night, for three nights in a row. So excited about what is happening in the spirit realm! Oh, am so excited about the rest of this eternal journey. Whatever hangs in our minds will happen….Good and bad. Be careful what we think!

6.9 billion souls are reflections of the Creator. Don’t be fooled by what appears to be matter, or the manifold appearance of physicality. We truly are like mirrors reflecting God’s light. What always appears, is what we project, by the convictions of our minds. “The Secret”?  It was no secret to Buddha, 2500 yrs. ago, or to Jesus, 2039 yrs. ago. (and few others other’s, as well)

Matter appears but is not real….it does not exist! The universe is dreaming, and we, with the mind of God, are dreaming that physicality is real. What we think about, (focus on) we create.
When you are walking, (or doing anything) think or say aloud, “the son (or daughter) of the Divine Creator is walking.” Be free from fear, as your true nature is God!  11/20/2009