Fire, Rattle snakes, Brown Recluse Spiders, Skin Cancer & Centipedes

Since May of this year, I have had a run-in with a Rattle Snake, I set a huge fire in California, came home and was bitten on the third eye by a Brown Recluse spider, (with serious infection and scars) learned I had a Basil Carcinoma (skin cancer) of the nose, and three nights ago, was bitten on the neck by a nasty centipede…. Anybody else have stuff happening that seems, ‘out of your control’? Is this a purging? A warning? Infinite Divine Intelligence (God) preparing me?   I think I get it. There are forces of positive and negative, (good and evil) in this dream called life. I must become more humble and be very careful about what I speak, and to whom I speak. My inner man (soul) must be in balance with IDI, (God) and I will do all I can to be in balance. I believe that past Karma is being purged, and I am being tested, as Job was tested in the Old Testament…. “Though he slay me, I will honor my God.” I, too, make that vow!  The Master and the Student are One!  Everything that happens, we must be in gratitude about… for all is lifting us close to a New Earth of spirit beings, that which we already are, but most don’t know it.    Peace and love,  NHT   9/17/2011