Giraffes, Porcupines, Rivers, and Mountains

This morning, I heated up the Jacuzzi, early. As I scanned the rim of the beautiful Koko Head Crater, the mountain behind my home, and the nearby tropical foliage, I began to ponder the perfect balance of life. A bird flew into my Banyan Tree, chirped a beautiful melody, and flew on to new adventures. A magnificent butterfly hovered about 50 yards away, and I remembered it had come from a sleeping cocoon. The perfection in the Mind of God’s creation leaves no room for doubt about the present reality of a Super Divine Intelligence. A Source so big that it could dream up Elephants, Giraffes, Porcupines, Rivers, mountains, Ant eaters, Sharks, whales, Worlds, billions of Galaxies, and Spirit Filled Human Beings. This Creator has given each of us the power and ability to create our own futures. The perfect and harmonious universe, created by The Divine, is perfectly balanced. For centuries we have been lied to, and had myths forced upon us, most from a very early age. We are not our bodies. As you think, so you become! THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! Look at the amazing perfection of the balance of everything. NHT 11/19/10