Good Bye Ol’ Friend

It is with deep sadness that, today, I received the sad news of the passing of my cousin. I would have liked to have seen my 1st cousin, Robert, one more time, before he left his body. I have wonderful memories of the old Wood’s homestead up through wooden gates, on a magnificent dirt road.The big farmhouse seemed huge. I so remember his dad, Walter, driving us home from band practice, and of Robert and I ‘chicken skinned, scared’ and ‘laughing all the way, as Walter would really speed up on Rt.# 119, saying,” Look how slow we’re going.”Then, he would slow way down (5 MPH) as he hooked a left on Wickwire Road, while crying out, ” Wow we’re really speeding now!’ We had this ‘thrill ride,’ from the Grafton Jr. High, to Wickwire Road, every week. Walter also kept us laughing with his favorite riddles. Bernice, his mom, ( my mom’s sister) was always an amazing treat to visit. She was a beautifully unique, loud speaking, and dynamic human being, as was my mom! I loved my cousin Robert, playing on Wickwire Creek, our times in the Grafton Jr. and Sr. Band, and years later, memories of him bringing buckets of black berries, for my mom. (2.50 cents each) God bless your soul and your living spirit, ol’ friend. I have lost the ability to communicate, or see in the physical realm, with three of my dear childhood friends, Delmos Dickey, Eddie Flohr, and Robert Wood. I know that who you each really are, is alive forever, and that you were truly not your bodies. I will always remember, honor, and love the spirits (souls) of each of you. My deepest condolences and love to all of Robert Wood’s family. Love and aloha, Noble NHT 11/22/10