Gratitude for the Traumas and Horrible Events

Be grateful for every traumatic, seemingly horrible event that ever happened in this life. The experience caused you to be more courageous, persevering, and much stronger than you’d be, if you had had a cushy, protected, and comfortable life. We are all animated by One Divine energy, all divided up into human bodies, animals, birds, sea creatures, mountains, oceans, and disembodied spirits and galaxies. However, the vibrational  sound and particles of light that make up each of us, is all the same… It is God!   Infinite Divine Intelligence which is invisible and powerful beyond comprehension.. IDI (God)  would never waste the pain and anguish of your childhood hurts, without the opposite occurring later in this life. If we keep believing in the notion that good is coming, envision in the mind what we want, and take steps of action to make it happen, the possibilities of what we can be , is world changing. John DiMartini believes that every horrible event in life, has another positive event happening around the same time. What we choose to focus on, is what is coming. NHT 10/31/2012