Guardian Angels and the Animal by the Toilet

Do you know the names of your Guardian Angels? Do you believe that angels exist? I swear, when I was a little boy. there were invisible entities on that little dirt road in appalachia, that had no name. Today it is called Turner Road, in honor of the memory of my Mom and Dad. They bought the 126 acre forest, in 1936 for $500.00/ Down by the outdoor toilet, there was an invisible entity that I called, ‘the Animal by the Toilet. (an outdoor toilet) When struck with terror, My mom would say, “don’t be afraid, he’s your friend.” Honestly, I was freaked out! Today, I believe in entities in other dimensions, that haunt or protect us, depending on which entities we call upon. We have the power with the mind, to create what we want in this life. Much of humanity is receiving what they ‘don’t want.’ What a glorious day when most of humanity gets the meaning of, “Mind over Matter” We are the energy of the mind of God. We are consciousness becoming aware of itself. All of the religions have a piece of what is true, and, each have errors in their indoctrination of the masses. We only recently left the caves. I thank Infinite Divine Intelligence (IDI) for my guardian angels, and will continue to seek guidance and help. And so it shall be! NHT 10/25/2011