Guardian Angel’s…. Really???

Two days ago, I lost my Jag key, and spent all day yesterday hunting for it…  I was speaking with a dear friend, Kusha, on my cell and explaining the $1400 cost, and three week wait for a new set of keys from Honolulu Jaguar. She said, “Noble, do you know the names of your Guardian angel’s?” My response, “not only do I not know their names, I have never really been sure they exist!” She laughed, saying, “You don’t need to know their names, yet, simply ask them to help you find the keys.”  While still on the cell, I remembered that I have been communicating with the souls of my Mom and Dad, and asked sincerely for help with my keys. Immediately, a pair of blue pajamas flashed in my mind, and I ran to the closet. I had checked these pajamas twice earlier, buy they were rolled in a tight bundle, with the keys in the center, and I did not feel them with my hands. Ho Bruddah’!!!  This is Twilight Zone, Chicken Skin stuff….I thank you Guardian Angel’s with all my heart, and wish to know you better. Thanks for watching over me, and keeping me alive, all these years!   NHT   9/17/2011