Hook Your Dream Caboose to Someone’s Engine

Hook your dream caboose to someone’s engine, who has already achieved their dream. I like John DiMartini, and many other modern day spirit teachers. My dear friend, Estaryia Venus, will be sharing a platform on Maui with Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Ram Das, and others, next week. Her magic sound-healing caboose is hitching a ride with the engine of three great spirit teachers.
We are all one organism, one divine energy that is animating all living beings. We appear separate, but the real self is housed in seven billion bodies, and all living things. The grinding greed machine, capitalism, is faltering badly. Put it in your mind, anything you dream, you may have. But only if you have a passion for your dream and are willing to take steps of action. And, so it shall be! NHT 10/27/2011