How Do We Create A Spiritual Heaven, Now?

Having just posted the notion that we can create a spiritual heaven, right here, and that we don’t really have to pray to an entity, separate from ourselves, religious indocrinated persons, might possibly hear this as blasphemy and against their God. I mean no offense, and I only speak my experienced truth! How do we create this spiritual heaven? It’s strange, but it’s already here…. Most of humanity slumbers in a maze and haze of physicality, waiting for the time of awakening of their being. Here’s what worked for me. Cleanse the mind of any thoughts of fear, worry, stress, judgement, and negativity. In it’s place, think thoughts of what you want to create. See the end result! Believe that you will have it. It is important to have what you want, lined up with the will of Infinite Divine Intelligence. Know that you are far more than a physical body, and that you never need to fear death. Your end goal needs to be for the greatest good of the largest # of living beings, possible! Continously acknowledge the Power and Glory of the Intelligence that created and sustains the universe, and gives physical life to you! Finally, be kind, generous, loving, compassionate, sharing, and at peace with all living beings. Hurt no one! Do only what you would like having done, to you. Do this, and know that the Creator of All, knows that you are in serious synch with authentic prayer! It’s all mind…. the mind of God. (IDI) NHT 3/16/2011