How it works….

Noble Turner, devoted 15 years as a Psychotherapy Clinic Owner and Psycho-therapist, in Boston, and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and two Masters Degrees, one in Psychology and another in Religion.
While patients were un-questionably helped through the traditional ‘Psychotherapy talking method, there is a much quicker path to the truth of who we are, where we are headed with a healed psyche and soul.
Our bodies are like clay pots, hurled into the sky, with a destiny of crashing and dis-integrating. (Death of the body) It is particles pf light! Blessedly and very fortunately, we are not our bodies.
The body and all physicality (matter) is only a shadow, a reflection of the light of the Divine Creator, who resides inside each of us. The Beloved has given us infinite power to co-create the future, with (God) I love helping people to become happy, and I have now, the experience to mentor others to discovering awesome truth’s about who we really are. NHT