Humbled by How Little I Know

What comes forth from this mind, and through these fingers now, is truth.  All that I have written (spoken) for the past three years, has been my truth. In hindsight, however, I believe that all I am saying (writing/ video-ing, teaching) is a compilation of messages and insights, direct from Divine Intelligence, or, of course it is possible that some of what I am receiving may be distorted by ego and/or human error. I like to think that has not happened, here. I have done these two hundred and eighty-some, ‘truth of Life’ posts, and forty-three videos, with excitement and with the utmost authenticity, truth, and honor, possible. And, after all this, I see that I only know a small fraction of the mysteries of life. I am completely humbled by how little I know. I often feel like Noble does not exist, and it is God (IDI) looking out through these imagined Noble’s eyes….. hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. There ceases to be a body in this glorious realm of spirit, although the reality of physicality can always be experienced quickly, along with spirit. I am a uniquely unusual and eccentric Appalachian man, whose life journey has been wild, in some ways wreck-less, but always gloriously orchestrated and guided by a Divine force that balances everything. Yes, the Balancer of Everything! Sometimes it looks like David Copperfield is holding the world in his palm, and dispensing teaching from the The Super Soapbox of life. Let me repeat, “I am humbled by how little I know.” I try to remain in a state of a perpetual student, for each new mili-second that unfolds is chuck full of raw, unlimited potential, a blank canvas for creating whatever one dreams. Remember, I still don’t know nothing!  We all know what we dream….  NHT 5/10/12