Intelligence Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Oh, Divine Creation… (Creator) Intelligence beyond our wildest dreams! The glassy two-dimensional world, that in childhood, ‘God’ (IDI) protected me in, I honor and weep tears of flowing joy, for! While my young friends, Delmos, Eddie, and Robert, probably saw the texture in the bark of a tree, space between the awesome Appalachian trees, creeks, birds, and clouds in the skies, Noble lived in a perfect glassy, two-dimensional world of his own making. I have no regret, and am so very grateful for the sacred cocoon in which I lived. It was very shocking in 1971, to, for the first time, see the actual faces (human characteristics) of my family, and folks that I had grown up with. Now, at this magnificent and wonderful entry into 2011, I begin to question, ‘Who the heck am I? Who are we? A Walk-In? The result of (long ago) in-breeding with sentient beings of other galaxies, or other dimensions of reality? A blessed man, who finally, ‘Get’s It?’ The Man-child of two brave, courageous, honest, and honorable human parents??? What an amazing life I have been blessed to live! Infinite Divine Intelligence makes no mistakes, and never misses an opportunity to turn suffering and trauma into a gloriously transformed, ‘Adult’ Child of God. This is the birth-right of all seven billion of us. However, we must use our mind (thoughts) to co-create this Divine journey, with the Divine. It can start in this moment! It must start in the mili-second moment of now! Think only thoughts of goodness, gentleness, compassion, serving others, and endless love, and what you want to create that serves all. Judge Not! We are all, ‘particle of light,’ beings, with in-ordinate power to create, with our minds. Self healing, and healing of others, is a Mind thing too big to grasp, from the beginning of time till 2010. Let’s ‘get it’ in 2011. Huge dreams for a lil’ Apalachian country boy…. comin’ true!!! You too, Precious Child of the Living Divine Intelligent Cosmos which is dancing all about you, and inside you. You are destined for eternal and immortal life, in the Spirit. It is your choice whether you wallow in hell or experience the heaven on earth that already exists. IDI is pouring out love and energy into this glorious awakening of the current earthy inhabitants who ARE: ‘Consciousness becoming aware of itself.’ I will continue to speak (and write) truth, as I know and receive it, no matter what the cost. God bless us all in this wonderful New Year! May all humanity be drawn closer to the awareness of the Divine perfect beings that we already are. NHT 1/3/11