It is Your World: Savor That!

It’s your world…. We are each at the very center of the universe with creative power that is beyond what we can ever imagine. God, Infinite Divine Intelligence, is what we consist of!  We can co-create the future, with the Divine. Since everything is vibrational energy, we attract to ourselves, the people, places, and events that match our  vibrational frequency. Thoughts and feelings, while invisible, are powerful transmitters that ripple out into space and into all of life. Always think thoughts and speak affirmations of hope and goodness. We must never allow negative, worried thinking to enter our minds. We are exactly where we are supposed to be in the Divine journey, and plan of the Creator. IDI is slowly moving humanity to a level of higher consciousness, and an awakened awareness that we beings are, ‘consciousness becoming aware of itself.’ Yes, it is your world. Who you really are, has no boundary’s and is totally invisible. Love, share, be compassionate toward all, and have goals that are designed for the well-being of others. Finally, there is no separation between you and all your brothers and sisters. We are in different bodies, but the sacred in-filling force (energy) is literally who and what we are, and it is flowing everywhere and in everything. When the bulk of humanity comes to this sacred knowledge, (and experience) a powerful new earth will surely appear.This is what all of the great religious masters were trying to teach. This is the heaven, on earth. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all else shall be added unto you.’ NHT 7/24/2011