Keep Shifting the Energy to a Place of Positiveness….

It’s all energy…. Everything, including our bodies, thoughts and emotions. Are you feeling bummed-out, sad, and unhappy? I do, sometimes…. Find something to do that will bring you out of this state. The feelings are a result of what we think, and the thinking keeps fueling the feelings, until we change it. This morning I was feeling a little blue, so, I took myself to the ocean and rolled around and played in the surf. The salt water and energy of the powerful ocean really helped. I thought of the ocean as a metaphor for all of life. I saw myself as a drop of water in the ocean of Divinity. One with the entire mass of salt water.  It’s all vibrational energy….everything! Sometimes I put on the ‘Black Eyed Peas,’ and jump around my living room singing, “We’re gonna’ have a good, good night.” Sometimes it’s playing Journey, and I dance to, “The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin. I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.” Whatever it takes we must shift the energy by DOING something. Everything that exists is vibrational energy. Last night, I had an awesome group of 30-some people in my living room, spiritually gathering, and sharing love and conversation about Who and What God, (IDI) is, and who we are. This stirs up large amounts of  positive energy. Come to the awareness that we are co-creators with Infinite Divine Intelligence.  NHT  7/26/2011