Learn How to Plant Non-Genetically Altered Seeds

Remain calm, and centered, and as unafraid as possible, as the wild dance of the Creator swirls all around us. Centuries of wrong thinking by humans has created a living but ill planet, that is in serious trouble. I have recently learned that Monsanto Corp. is genetically altering seeds, and buying up land, for the purpose of controlling food production on the planet. Many of the genetically altered seeds they are creating, cannot reproduce new crops. I have heard that the mighty U.S. dollar is about to go through a huge devaluation, as major countries will buy their oil from the Middle East, and in their own currencies, bypassing the dollar. This will cause a drop in the value of the dollar, and wild inflation around the world. Our Mother Earth is facing the consequences of the greed and carelessness, of thousands of years of humanity. Apparently, when the U.S. turned on the printing presses, two or three years ago, for making unprecedented numbers of dollars, a radical change for humanity was birthed. Now, only we, have the power to turn back destruction and death of ourselves and the many species of beautiful living beings. Remain calm! Have wisdom about what needs to happen to save each other. Love one another. Share, and be compassionate about all fellow living beings. Cease to see yourself as SEPARATE from all others. One Divine Spirit (Energy) fills us all, and is who/what we are. The body is only a manifestation of MIND. Your mind, combined with that of Infinite Divine Intelligence. (IDI) Do not focus on fears and worries, but rather, think about what you can do to help create a paradise earth. I think it is wisdom to learn how to plant non-genetically altered seeds, and get ready for back yard gardening. If the Electric Grid on the planet is destroyed through earthquakes, tsunami’s, nuclear, or other reasons, it may be many decades before humanity can communicate, as a group, with each other again. Finally, remember that we are creating the future with our minds, NOW! Physicality is a manifestation of the mind…. It is the collective consciousness of all of us, the dream of separation that has this mind-manifested world in a difficult condition…. Let’s all change it! See (in your minds eye) the end result you’d like to have happen. See it clearly in the mind. All seven billion of us, with right thinking, could change the entire story of the future of humanity, and our living planet. One Tribe, Ya’ll!
With Love and Hope, NHT 4/8/11