“Life is but a Dream”…Keep Rowing

Going inside, is the key to opening magical doors into the spirit realm… The great teacher, Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God, is within. I believe he meant that, literally. Vibrational frequencies of sound and light energy, we are. As is every animate and inanimate being (and object) being manifested.Take risks…. live large! Dream the biggest dream you can, and never give up on your dream… If you are passionate about it, see the outcome in the mind, feel feelings about it, and take steps of action, you cannot fail! Infinite Divine Intelligence (IDI) is all there is. It is as easy for this God (IDI) to help manifest a huge dream, as it is a small one. Our manifested physicality and all that is around us is part of a beautiful dream. “Row, row, row your boat, life is but a dream.” It is your dream, and only you can stop your dream. Choose to go inside, where the real kingdom lies, just waiting for you to co-create the future. Who said with wisdom, “Mind over matter?” It is, and so it shall be. NHT 11/01/11