Life on the ‘Crick,’ Wickwire Creek, W.Va.

My Mom and Pap were the most courageous, persevering, brave, ‘never giving up,’ parents, that a child could ever dream for. In the face of tragedy, poverty, blindness, illness, fires, loss, and much sorrow, they set a stellar example of, “stick-to-it-tive-ness,” that is unparalleled by anyone I’ve ever known…Maybe Nelson Mandella, and a few others come close, but my parents were awesome role models for never giving up. I honor and praise the efforts of these special souls! Life on the ‘Crick, (Wickwire Creek, W.Va) was really quite awesome. Sunday fried chicken dinners brought uncles and cousins who played and sang country music with the fiddle, banjo and guitar, with my Pap. Swimming in the ‘Molly Hole,” everyday of the summer, with my brothers and all the Flohr boys, Garners, Poe’s, Dickey’s, and a few other cool souls, rocked. Chop down the forests, and burn the brush each night, sloppin’ the hogs, milkin’ the cows, hoeing the gardens, and carrying in the kindling wood, coal buckets, and water. Bathe in a wash tub behind the wood burning kitchen stove, after 2 or 3 brothers had their baths in the winter. (Once a week, whether we needed it or not) Oh how I honor and am grateful for everything that happened, on the Crick. I honor the names and living Spirits (souls) of, William Russell Turner, and Evelyn M. Turner.    NHT