Many Damaged in Infancy and Childhood

I think it may be possible that many human beings have gotten so damaged in infancy and childhood, that an unconscious fear (terror) follows them through life, and the impact of the perpetrator or the damager, is the original cause for repeated self-sabatage. It is not until we stop everything, really truly want to know the truth, look in a mirror and acknowledge what we have done, and are doing as a result of the damage, that we can stop the repeated behaviors of self (and other) destruction. Many adults of all ages are like small children, repeating unwise choices and continuing to make self-defeating moves. All we have to do is witness what is happening on this earth, to know that many humans are tortured and creating havoc. “Lest ye become as little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven.” said one great teacher. Breathe, relax, get quiet, and just be…. ssshhhh! Co-breathe with the God that resides within, meditate, and realize that the unreal ghosts that keep us repeating old patterns of fear driven behaviors, no longer exists… Let it go! See that you are one with all Divine energy, which is all there is…Vibrational frequencies of energy. Haleluia! “Free at last! Thank God I’m free at last!” The Divine Creator, is living inside of me…. and you!
NHT 2/24/2012