Massive Change is Coming Down Fast

Get Ready! A major and somewhat catastrophic series of events will be coming down over the next 2 or 3 years. The world, as we have experienced it, is rushing, head long into massive change. Governments, banks, and  the planet as we know it is  is about to change on a massive scale. The key to surviving and flourishing during this radical transition, will be to accept what is happening, and to relax into it. Everything that has happened or will be occurring is leading to a transition from the physical (matter) to that of being  fully spirit beings. We face extinction on this planet, unless enough of us awaken to the truth of what is. The greed of Paper money, stocks, bonds, corporations, and governments are crumbling, rapidly. What is left of humanity will probably go back to ‘back yard’ gardens. All humans are made of cells that are part of a something much larger. We are not separate from each other. The Divine energy that animates each of us, IS who and what we are.  We are not simply our bodies. The body and all the objects all around us are particles of light, vibrational frequencies that is all energy. Our Oneness with the  divine is real. We are at the brink of our own destruction. We must accept what is, as it is, in order to move humanity into the new earth, where everyone is aware of our oneness. We can no longer be ‘Children of God,’ but must becomes ‘Adults of God.’ Caught up in fear about what is happening will not work. See the chaos as not being so bad, but as a necessary sequence of what needs to occur for humanity to make this transition. We are eternal and immortal invisible beings, manifesting  everything along with IDI. (Infinite Divine Intelligence)  NHT  10/24/2011