Moksha or Liberation

Aaaaah, the Big task, is freeing the, “I,” is it not? Yes, it is possible, in this life time, to do what Buddha, Christ, Krishna, and other masters have done, spiritually. When most of humanity ‘gets,’ that the, perception of the, ‘I” we think we are, is only the ‘made up’ image of all we have experienced, and believed about what happened in our lives, and how we have interpreted that. Even the perception of our physical appearance is ego generated. When we can free ourselves of the “impressions of Mind, body and emotions,”we are truly free to blend with and Be the Source of all that is., while remaining, The Observer! We are the Divine energy that animates what we call, ‘the body.’ It breathes it, looks out through the body’s eyes. It smells, hears, tastes, and touches through each of our bodies. However, we are IT, too! How could it not be so. So, Moksha or Liberation, is attainable. This being, Noble, immerses itself, daily, in awareness of it’s Oneness with Infinite Divine Intelligence. (IDI, whom most call God) This Divine power changes everything! And, we are Sacredly It…. NHT 8/29/2014