Multiple Universes and Multiple Dimensions, in a Holographic Dance

Did you ever think about how fragile, vulnerable, and precariously balanced life in the physical body is? We are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made, but we are also subject to a huge number of diseases, illnesses, accidents, acts of violence, and even violent acts of nature. Every ‘human beings body,’ ends in disintegration, a parting from the soul and the end to the body we have carried round for a number of years…. sometimes a large number, sometimes a very small number. Some bodies don’t even make it from the womb, alive. I was thinking today about the aging process, and how bodily parts and functions deteriorate over time. Think of all the systems that can, and eventually do, malfunction… Nervous, anatomical, endocrine, skeletal, vital organs, blood, and many more. I know that we can, with our minds, alter radically the aging process, and extend our lives with good health, by believing and willing it so. Isn’t it exciting that we are not our bodies? To be in denial about our physical mortality (death) is a hugh mistake. It takes precious energy to design defenses and thought patterns to make ourselves believe that our bodies are immortal. It is a divine gift to know the truth of this life. Who we really are is immortal and eternal. Our spirits always have been and always will be just that. We are One With the Mind of the Creator. The mind-manifested body and all matter (physicality) is solely the Mind of IDI. (Infinite Divine Intelligence) Some call this energy force, God. As for the body, feed it healthy food, drink lots of water, exercise it, rest it, and observe as the years roll by, the changes occurring to it. “This Thing Called You!” Do not be in denial about these changes, for that robs and saps precious energy that could be utilized for creating your dreams, hopes and desires for the future. Hey, be honest with yourself, you wouldn’t wanna’ hang around in this body, on this earth, for eternity, anyhow. It would be called, ‘bored out of your mind.’ (not God’s mind?) Even a couple thousand years would be painful! I believe that IDI has unimaginable surprises in store for each of our unique souls. (Spirits) There may already be a separate world and universe for each living being. Quantum Physicists are discovering multiple universes and multiple dimensions, in a holographic dance, that boggles the human mind. (but not God’s mind) We co-create the future with IDI, as soon as we become aware that we can. We are coming out of the swamps and caves in this glorious jungle-march toward, ‘consciousness becoming aware of itself.’ Wow, where did all this power to create universes, come from? Gloria in Excelsis Deo. NHT 11/7/11