None of Us Are Alone!

I am learning to bless those who curse me. To give love and compassion to those who spew hatred and anger. What we resist persists. Give what we wish to receive, and make nothing wrong, that has ever occurred. I am learning to be grateful for everything, regardless of the label of good or bad, right or wrong. We are exactly where we are meant to be, and  having happen, what is meant to happen. We were complete and perfect when we left the womb. It is all being orchestrated by Infinite Divine Intelligence. There is nothing going wrong in my life. I have stopped condemning people and events, and have forgiven everyone, everything, including my self. None of us are alone! At a cellular level, we are all one energy, and all One with God. (IDI) Free to be who and what we really and authentically are. Let your light shine on other souls. We have each come to give life, and to share it abundantly. We are consciousness becoming aware of itself.   NHT 8/28/2012